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61 Oh Penne - Vanakkam Chennai

Sema love song of all time... !

Makes me to hear every time!

Anirudh composed this song so awesome awesome awesome

True lovers will feel this song because I feeled it and I loved much more my partner-yaswanth and anju

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62 Thendral Vanthu Theendum Podhu - Avatharam

If you do keyboard, try this song

One of the best song of raja sir

Really nice thendral.

Beautiful song!

63 Melliname Melliname

This is the best example for our angel

I'm hearing this from childhood and I'm 19 now, still this has a place in my heart

Heart melting...

nice song

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64 Imaye Imaye - Raja Rani

World best song ever

World best song in lover for ever...

How is this song not in the top tens...

Super song

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65 Kandaangi Kandaangi - Vijay & Shryea ghosal

One of my favourite song this song is so romantic and lovely to hear I thank this movie for this song

This is an peaceful song and it should be the best vijay song or the the best song ever

Best melody song ever.. Super hit song! I love to hear this always


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66 Kanmoodi Thirakkumbodhu - Sachein

This is my favourite song

One of the best song of vijay

Awesome song


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67 Nee Korinaal

Beautiful song! This melody flows and the singer is awesome. Must listen song.

68 Yennda Yennada - Varutha Padatha Valibar Sangam

It is a amazing song.

Actor sivakarthikeyan and I love this song

super song

Superbb heart touching song semmaaa feelll

69 Nandri Solla Unaku - Unnikrishnan & Chitra

Best lyrics, supper love song

Mera mom ka favourte song

70 Uyirile - Vellithirai

Super hit songs this songs

Superb song which relieve me from depression

Semmma song... You must hear..

71 Chinna Mani Kuyile - Amman Kovil Kizhakale


72 Adadadada Aarambame - Aarambam

I love this song very much

Awesome song... Song fo the year 2013

I like this song

73 En Mel Vizhinda Mazhai Thuliya

Good lines... Favorite song

Beautiful song

Very nice song

S.p.b sir...what a feel

74 Poongatrile Un Swasathai - Uyire

Beautiful lyrics... ! Touches the soul...

What a lyrics? awesome song. It's heartfullness.

75 Aanandha Yazhai - Thanga Meengal

Super songs I have felt absolutely this songs

Beautiful Lyrics like a falls.

76 Naan Pogiraen Mele Mele - Naanayam

One of the best melodies...

I like this song and very

I like this song very much

It's my forever favourite would never grow tired of this..spb sir my favourite..

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77 Neepartha Vizhigal - Moonu

Heart touching

78 Muthalam Santhipil En Idhayam Tholaithenae


nyc words

Lovely song

good song

79 Shoot the Kuruvi

Nice colloquial lyrics! The music video is nice and the singing by Anirudh is gorgeous as usual.

One of the waste song ever I heared


Superb song

80 Sundari Kannal Oru - Thalapathi

Best love song always. No chance.

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