Best Taproot Songs

The band Taproot doesnt' have a list on here? I'll change that...

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1 Poem

Obviously to start it off, Everyone knows thios song.

Metal with great bass, rhythm, and harmonies

Just awesome

2 Again & Again

A true definition of Alternative Metal and Nu Metal

Also a great song to jam to

This kick started their career.

How come this song isn't number 1?
This is definitely their best song... FOR SURE!
It's one of my favorite songs by any band of all time. - UltimateHybridX

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3 Fractured (Everything I Said Was True)

I just love listening to this song! It has an excellent beat and great lyrics. This band should have more songs that are like this one. Wow!

I love this song, even the whole album. If your gonna buy an album. Plead The Fifth is the one.

You'd be rich if each was worth a dime...

4 I

This song is easily number 1, then Poem. Find it interesting this list is missing "Where ever I stand" and Birthday.

Just a great song to jam to

5 Mine

Great harmony in the vocals. I loved this song after the first few seconds of listening. I also really enjoy the drum beat, it's quite catchy. The drums backing the vocals just make this song true ear-candy

6 Calling

Good song not there best, but people like this one so I put it number 2.

Listening to Blue-Sky Research right now. This is one of my favorites of the album. - cjWriter1997


7 Believed
8 The Everlasting
9 Sumtimes
10 Release Me

First track I heard and it's totally awesome. Number 9 is a shame, deserves top 3

Amazing melody

The Contenders

11 So Eager

This should be on here. An underrated gem from Blue Sky Research so worth listening to. - NuMetalManiak

By far the greatest track on Blue Sky Research - Dorito

12 Mirror's Reflection
13 No Surrender
14 Birthday

This one I kind of just put as number ten because I couldn't decide there are a lot of songs I wanted in the top ten, but oh well.

The best

15 Lowlife
16 Dragged

Definitely the best song on Gift, if not one of the greatest Taproot song of all time... Actually I'd say it's tied with "Mine".

17 Trophy Wifi

Sorry people who like there old stuff, I like there new album best. Next three are off there new album.

18 Lost In the Woods

This song helped me through a really rough point in my life. I'll always think of it as my turning point

Is love this song. Really help me during a tough break up. - AlteredState

19 Fault
20 Smile

Awesome c;
Love dis song because it's so awesome..
First song I've heard of them and it kicks ass

21 911ost
22 Myself
23 Good Morning
24 Time
25 Dreams
26 Everything
27 Footprints
28 The Golden Grey
29 A Kiss from the Sky
30 Forever Endeavor

Found out about em from Poem and No Surrender, stayed for this song among others.

31 I Will Not Fall for You
32 When
33 Like
34 Violent Seas
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1. Again & Again
2. Fractured (Everything I Said Was True)
3. Release Me
1. Poem
2. Again & Again
3. I
1. Again & Again
2. Fractured (Everything I Said Was True)
3. Poem


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