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1 Dragon

Have to agree - as long as it's one of Alasdair's fantastic creations on Darkdesigns!

2 Zodiac Sign
3 Memorial V 1 Comment
4 Skull
5 Koi Fish

I have a koi fish tattoo on my arm, from my elbow to my shoulder, and I LOVE it. I also think it's a great traditional piece and has great meaning behind it. Plus, it's just a beautiful design. - lukestheman4

6 Pinup Girl

The original modern tattoo style. This era inspired an entire movement and yet so few people realize the history behind the "'corny' tattoo on the truck driver's arm they saw at the gas station last week".

7 Hawk
8 Stars

I'd probably get something like this. - Catlover2004

9 Chinese/Japanese Characters
10 Eagle

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11 Your Wife/Husband Name

This may not be such a good idea because you don't know how long you will last, and if you ever divorced, you'll probably want his/her name removed. To remove it, it will have to be lasered off, which will not only be very expensive but will also leave a big nasty scar.

Cute. I personally would opt out of having any tattoo but this is cute.

Anyway...I would like to share with you a true story...

It was no secret that my brother's friend was planning to have a tattoo but he wouldn't tell anyone what; all anyone knew was that it was going to be a sleeve, covering his right arm. The big reveal came last night when he proudly exposed himself... (his arm - pay attention). Family and friends marvelled at the "beautiful" design of what I can only describe as an indistinguishable mass of pretty blues; purples; blacks; yellows and green fused colours which covered his whole arm. Mistaking my wide-eyed silence for being in absolute awe, he said proudly, "Cost me an arm and a leg did that. Took hours and the pain was, like, intense, man! " I smiled politely and somehow managed to pluck up courage to ask what it was.

"Man, are you kidding? That's a tattoo of a bruise! Awesome ain't it? " I just smiled, ...more - Britgirl

12 Flames
13 Your Children's Names V 1 Comment
14 A Heart
15 Song Lyrics
16 Children's/Child's Names
17 Your Country's Flag
18 Headphones
19 Favorite Fictional Character

I was planning on a tattoo for the longest time, but a decided a few years back that I didn't want to mark up my body. If I changed my mind again and decided to get one anyway, I was thinking about getting a tattoo od Blix from "Legend". Blix is my favorite character from that movie, but not because he's evil. I don't know, I just find him hard not to like. I wish he wasn't a villain. Blix is one of my favorite fictional characters ever.

20 Blix from Legend

If I decided to get a tattoo, this is a tattoo for me. Legend is a great movie and I just adore Blix. Such a great and underrated character and my favorite character in the movie. He's the coolest goblin ever and I LOVE him!

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