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What is the best t.A.T.u song from their start till now?
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1 All the Things She Said All the Things She Said Cover Art

First tATu song I ever heard; I imagine if they made a movie using their music only, this would be the theme song in my opinion. One of the best LGBT songs ever concieved in human history, and it deserves recognition.

The music isn't what I usually listen to, but something in this song and the video made my heart turn over.

I'll never get bored of it! Strong message, beautiful melodies, just everything that a song needs!

I love this song, the very beginning is fantastic

2 Not Gonna Get Us Not Gonna Get Us Cover Art

I love all their songs. Such perfection. But this one is really something special. It's a close call between ATTSS and this one, but I have to go with this. It just makes you feel all the energy and love in the world. IT's a story. The music video is insanely cool. I love these girls. I wish they had been a couple, but how lovely separate they still are!

Heard this the first time at the end of the movie The Code... Dynamite!

It's catchy as hell, has a fast music video, and perfectly captures the mood I wanted it too. Basically everything you could want in t.a.t.u. song!

Both Russian and English verison!

3 All About Us All About Us Cover Art

Come on! You're gonna pick this one as it provides amazing and incredible excitement. This is what we call "Divine".

I love this song and also the video. For me, it is their best song ever!

This song just touches mah heart
It's so very nyc just live it

This song has to be their best! I've had it on REPEAT FOR DAYS!

4 Show Me Love Show Me Love Cover Art
5 Fly on the Wall Fly on the Wall Cover Art

Their best song ever made. Sexy, sneaky, gives off a spyish vibe. ONLY comes in English.

Really better than any song

6 Gomenasai Gomenasai Cover Art

How is this not in the top ten

This should be on top 2

7 30 Minutes 30 Minutes Cover Art

Wow this song is so creepy... But that's why it's so awesome. It gave me goosebumps!

8 White Robe White Robe Cover Art

It sounds creepy and spooky.

9 Friend or Foe Friend or Foe Cover Art

This song is catchy, danceable, and I'm pretty sure that everyone could relate to it at one point or another. Love these girls.

Its among the best songs they have made I think it should be ranked more than just the 9th

This song is underrated! It should be second and even first

10 Loves Me Not Loves Me Not Cover Art
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11 Ya Soshla S Uma Ya Soshla S Uma Cover Art

Way better than the English version, I can understand though, for those of you who do not speak Russian to like the English version better, but the anyway, the Russian is so much better.

Come on! It's really better than the English version all the things she said!

FOund it and instantly loved it! I love how Russian sounds and this is no exsepsion!

12 Running Blind Running Blind Cover Art
13 You and I You and I Cover Art

You and I... this song is beautiful of course, they each have their solo and then together parts, just like a tATu song should have.

14 Dangerous and Moving Dangerous and Moving Cover Art

This song has the beat... Especially the Video is amazing!
It's cool and Yulia and Lena are Gorgeous... Come on Vote for this one PLEASE!

Such a meaningful song and since the Russian version wasn't on here I voted for this one! I just absolutely love it!

Flawless lyrics and video. masterpiece

15 Ne Ver, Ne Boisia Ne Ver, Ne Boisia Cover Art

The Russian audiences really get into this one, and the Girls love preforming it too... It's a high energy song.

16 Malchik Gay Malchik Gay Cover Art

Best choreography... Laugh out loud

17 Nas Ne Dogonyat Nas Ne Dogonyat Cover Art

This song is better in Russian, Julia's voice is incredibly powerful in it.

18 Sacrifice Sacrifice Cover Art

Julia puts it in high-gear when she sings this song, same as she does when she signs Obezyanka Nol. She leans back and just belts it out... magical.

Wow how can this be so low THIS IS THE BEST amazing music and vocals no one can reach

Wow I'm shocked where this song is

19 How Soon Is Now? How Soon Is Now? Cover Art

My GOD, it's at 24?!
I think not many people have listened to it. It should easily be top 5.
It immediately touches the heart.

It should be at least #10

20 Stars Stars Cover Art

This song is so smooth. Very authentic sound, chords and instruments. It contains different parts (intro, rap, instrumental in different layers) to interact with listener. Although melody sounds familiar, it is very distinguishable from any other.

21 Cosmos (Outer Space) Cosmos (Outer Space) Cover Art
22 Clowns (Can You See Me Now) Clowns (Can You See Me Now) Cover Art
23 220 220 Cover Art
24 Ludi Invalidi Ludi Invalidi Cover Art
25 Perfect Enemy Perfect Enemy Cover Art

I like this song, the Russian version too. Julia does sing pretty good on this one.

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