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1 You Belong With Me You Belong With Me Cover Art

Laugh out loud... it's just so amazingly funny and I really like it! Taylor Swift look so much better without her nerdy glasses though but it makes me laugh everything. Other than it's funny side, there is also a little romance which makes it the best music video I ever seen!

I love it! Maybe because it was the first Taylor swift music video I saw and I fell in love with it instantly!

I just love it. No reason. Maybe because it's Taylor's?

It's so funny! Especially the 'nerdy' Taylor Swift, it just looks so wrong!

2 Blank Space Blank Space Cover Art

Umm...the Blank Space video is so iconic. It needs to be #1. It is so funny and I have honestly seen it thousands of times. She is so funny in it and honest and it honestly pierces me to the core of how good it is every time I watch it. She put so much thought and Oscar-worthy breakdowns into this video. This is by far the best video.

Gosh! this totally is the best video of Tay ever! It's so hilarious and I've like watched it a 100 times already. And the guy in this video is just sooo handsome!

Totally awesome! It's mainly a sarcasm towards how media represents her to the world! So much 'WOW' in one MV!

The best in my idea

3 Lover Lover Cover Art

Like all the references

4 Style Style Cover Art

Awesome song, but boring video.

5 We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together Cover Art

I love the video so much, it matches perfectly with the song it was the best video, I love It, the video is so beautiful and nice think it should be on top one

6 Love Story Love Story Cover Art
7 Begin Again Begin Again Cover Art

Best music video ever. Its all about love and Paris.

8 Mean Mean Cover Art

This video send a beautiful message. It's a grat video, I really hope it gets 100 million views soon

9 Mine Mine Cover Art

I love most of Taylor Swift's songs, but this is my favourite. I love how she's nervous at first, gets into a great relationship, argues with the guy and then makes up. Plus the video shows great scenes on the beach.

Mine has to be number 1 but sadly it isn't can't believe it! Every time I see this video I want to burst out crying, laughing or both!
Love It!

I think this is one of her best videos. She tells a beautiful story in it, and the acting she does is quite awesome. I really love this video

It's such a beautiful song as well as video. I absolutely adore this song. Thank you Taylor Swift!

10 New Romantics New Romantics Cover Art
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11 White Horse White Horse Cover Art

This video is so heart breaking that it hurts. It's a great video, it shows the sad feeling that a person feels when someone hurts you. Is a great video

I adore 'you belong with me' but I think this video deserves the vote. I always cry when I watch it, it's so heart breaking

12 Teardrops On My Guitar Teardrops On My Guitar Cover Art

So many people can relate to this song. It's an amazing song and the video is incredibly good. Tyler Hilton and Taylor do a great job in it

So true to my life at the minute...

13 Ours Ours Cover Art

Sweetest Video she has

14 Back to December Back to December Cover Art

I love the video so much, it matches perfectly with the song, it was the best video ever I loved it, the video is so beautiful and sad, I think I even cried I forgot but beautiful video and song

15 Shake It Off Shake It Off Cover Art

Shake it off is awesome song, taylor look so pretty and funny also!

16 Fifteen Fifteen Cover Art

Favourite song, favourite video. Love it. Her best friend Abigail appears in the video too.

'I found time can heal most anything' is one of the best lines Taylor has ever written in my opinion. Great song

17 Picture to Burn Picture to Burn Cover Art

It's really cool, especially that amazing background with the sparks and her sitting on the couch in her black dress when those people threw toilet paper all around the room! It was AWESOME!

This video was funny at the end! And the sparks in the background, the truck the girl's face in the end, Taylor's rage; it makes an AWESOME, entertaining and funny video

Love love love! So cute!

18 Wildest Dreams Wildest Dreams Cover Art

It's a movie out there...

19 Fearless Fearless Cover Art

Fearless is an incredible song for swifties. This song has a music video showing the fearless world tour - pure genius.

20 Our Song Our Song Cover Art

It is a good song. But the music video wasn't really good. You know. But watch it.

I totally love the song.

21 Change Change Cover Art
22 The Story of Us The Story of Us Cover Art

There's so much emotion behind the song and the video captures it in such in awesome way.

23 I Knew You Were Trouble I Knew You Were Trouble Cover Art
24 22 22 Cover Art

I can't believe it this video has to be in top 5. The video is amazing please watch and like swifties and non swifties too the video is excellent

I love this. It's so easy to relate with the song.

25 Bad Blood Bad Blood Cover Art
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