Best Taylor Swift Non-love Songs

I think this is fairly obvious what this is about. No romance, no breakups, no crushes..... songs about the other side of life.

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1 Long Live

Amazing song, It reminds my of every good book I've ever read. And my own childhood for that matter.

This song always makes me feel great. Deserves number 1 spot

A song for her band and for her fans.

YES! MY FAVORITE! - KcSunshine1

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2 Mean

This song is the anthem for bullied people. I've personally gone through bullying and I know how much this song makes sense when you've just gone through a rough day because of someone.

This song has given me so much self esteem in the past! Taylor Swift is awesome for making this song! Sometimes I feel like it was Taylor sending me hope directly

Just so great, everyone can direct this song at someone who has been mean to them at some point in their lives

She wrote this song because she was being bullied and wanted to inspire others who were too - PopRusults

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3 Safe & Sound

Hunger Games rocks too, so that makes it even better!
This is an awesome song because... Well, it just is! Even though I can't actually feel sibling love because my brother and I mostly have cons with each other, it's a cute song!
I listen to this ALL THE TIME! It's my fave, and I can understand why this is voted top of the ten.

It's a song of protection and comfort. I haven't read/watched The Hunger Games, so I don't know what it's alluding to, but it's a good song.

Fits so well with the Hunger Games...
I love it

I just love this song so much...n taylor too...

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4 Change

A song for her band, I'm guessing, about them finding their feet in the music world and becoming big stars.

5 Innocent

A song of forgiveness. Probably one of the only ones that Taylor Swift has written. Most of the time she's busy being mad at her exes.

Whenever I feel bad about my actions in the past, or regret somethig, or just feel like it's all too much and I know nothing, I just listen to this song and it never fails to calm me 10000%
My most fabourite part about the song is the bridge. The lyrics are the best Taylor's ever written. Actually, the best ever written in music history! My favourite lyrics are,When anything out of reach, someone bigger brought down to you'' It just has so much meaning to me! I can't express my love for this song in words!

6 Eyes Open

It is such a beautiful song

A song of warning and danger. Catchy, though.

7 22

I like people hanging out with each other and having fun with sleepovers and dressing up like coll people. I just like this song for some reason. Cool song and good luck taylor!

OK, I'm not 22 yet so I have no idea if this song is relatable to 22-year-olds, but it's really catchy!

It's about having fun with your friends. Not love. Fun and upbeat song.

Awesome sionhg!

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8 Ronan

Best and most heartbreaking song Taylor has ever written. Even a rockstar would cry listening to this song. What's more heartbreaking than loosing your son at very young age? :(( Tay should really write songs about true people with true stories. Her talent in writing and popularity can help people inspire and know that they're not alone.

Best song by Taylor ever! So sad :( the story behind this song is true, it breaks my heart to know that this is actually happening.

"Come on baby with me we're gonna fly away from here, you were... My best... Four years"

SO SAD...):

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9 Tied Together with a Smile

A comforting song to a friend, telling her to feel good about herself.

I love it. It really relates to me. Except I'm not Taylor.


10 A Place in This World

Written when Taylor was "just a girl" about the search for identity. Probably more relatable than some of her other songs when she was already famous, like "The Lucky One".

I can't relate to this more I'm a middle child with like two real friends just trying to find my place in this world

I don't know this but with the description someone helpfully gave, I really relate to this so I gotta vote for this. I'm a young middleschooler who doesn't know her true friends and is searching for a place for me in the world.

Totally true. Number 1

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? You Belong with Me

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11 The Outside
12 Shake It Off

This song is great. It's all about living your life, forget the haters and be who you wanna be. Awesome song.

I listen to this song when I feel down. It helps me a lot!

Best song ever

13 Never Grow Up

It is really relatable. I mean, it's like your everyday life. This songs means a lot to you. It reminds you to "not grow up" - don't forget your childhood for certain things never lasts forever.

I don't want to grow up, wish I'd never grow up, could still be little

I'll miss my childhood days and friends

So sad it’s about making the most of your childhood cause if u don’t when you grow up your gonna wish you never grew up
My favourite line “oh darling I don’t wanna grow up could still be little”

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14 Welcome to New York

great song

15 The Best Day

I love this song, I sing it a lot as my childhood is over

I wish every taylor swift song was like this...

Please make this higher next Mother's Day to my mum my favourite line "don't know how long it's going to take to feel ok but I know I'll have the best day with you today"

16 I'm Only Me When I'm with You

It's a friendship song, Taylor said so. It's not a love song. God, people are so shallow. Listen to the lyrics!

This is a love song, but it's good anyway.

This is love...

17 The Lucky One

This isn't about love -- it's about being famous! By the way, I'm Only Me When I'm With You and Stay Stay Stay is about love!

Yeah, Stay Stay Stay is a breakup, but I'm Only Me When I'm With You is NOT a breakup. Honest mistak.

18 Bad Blood

The best taylor swift song that's not about love

A complete action-packed star-studded video!

It's Taylor Swift at her peak. :-)

2end bets song

19 Brought Up That Way

This song is so beautiful and heartbreaking. The lyrics are beyond perfect.

Heartbreaking song by Taylor! It makes me cry... :(

20 New Romantics

This song is KIND of a breakup. But I love it too.

The best song in 1989 ( For Me.)

Girl Power! I love it.

21 Blank Space
22 Mary's Song
23 Haunted
24 The Other Side of the Door
25 Better Than Revenge
26 Mine
27 Love Story

Yeah, TOTALLY not a love song - HufflepuffGeekGirl

28 Style
29 You're Not Sorry
30 I Don't Wanna Live Forever
31 Fearless
32 If This Was a Movie
33 Picture to Burn
34 Treacherous
35 Last Kiss
36 The Last Time
37 Come in with the Rain
38 Last Christmas
39 Clean
40 Enchanted
41 Everything Has Changed
42 How You Get the Girl
43 Starlight
44 Highway Don't Care
45 I Know Places
46 Bette Davis Eyes
47 Forever & Always
48 I Knew You Were Trouble
49 Back to December
50 Come Back... Be Here
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