Back to December


Taylor swift you are my favorite singer ever! I want to go to your concert so bad. Also I will sing your songs very loud and have a sign that said Taylor you rock. I want to have a picture with you soon I love this song I sing it a lot. Also I love I know you wre toulble, mean and we are never ever getting back together. I love you taylor! I have every song of yours. This is such an beautiful song and love it hurt my heart when I here the song. It's so very nice and smooth. Also perfect voice I ever heared. I almost cried during this song and love story. Your so pretty and gorgeous taylor your pretty than me. You very smart and kind. Your the prettiest girl ever and Carrie. I don't get how your voice is just right. It's so special too me. Some times I fell bad that I'm not good at singing. Also I fell fat or a lot of peeps but no one perfect god said. Your shine like a bright sun or rainbow or maybe a pretty flower. So hats how's munch you rock. I love his song. I want you to pray for ...more

And I'd go back to december turn around and make it all right-i do hope to go back to december and that is why I am full of emotion when I listen to this song. this would have been one of the best songs of taylor (which means pretty much the best in this decade anyway), except for its video, which made the song ABSOLUTELY THE BEST ONE IN THE PARK! An awesome song with a heart wrenching absolutely superb video. tell me, what more can you want except to vote this song and make it number 1?

This song means something to me. I had a wonderful boyfriend and he was my first, we kept a relation ship for a couple years. We had some past, as we met when we were little. He gave me lots of things and hugged me every now and again, and I did nothing for him. I didn't even respond to his hugs. Now that he's dumped me 2 years ago, he's had 2 other girlfriends and has one currently now. I realize I love him. I just didn't know it then. And I think he dumped me because I gave him nothing. But if I could go back in time, I would change it.

I must say this is her best song. I don't think people understand the true majesty of the song/songwriting. Its absolutely amazing the way the melody is combined with the way is told as a story. It makes you think about each word, feel it. The background music is enchanting and it takes to another world. A world of regret and lost love. It makes you feel how Taylor felt when it happened to her. And the more you listen to it, and understand the more you enjoy. This is a magnificent piece of art. And it truly shows her talent.

I love all of Taylor's work, but this is amazing. The song is so sad. It's really an apology. How many times do people say sorry in a song? It's so sad but it really brings out the emotion and the feeling of sorry, the regret, and the hope of forgiveness for something we did or said. This song is the regret, and maybe the hopefulness for something better. Taylor really puts out her soul and that what makes it so original and a mazing. I love it.

This song is one of the VERY few where Taylor actually apologizes for something she has done wrong, as it's usually the guy who's done something wrong, and I really admire Taylor for writing a song which is so emotionally involved... I just love Taylor so much and hope I can one day be just like her, as an aspiring artist, she is so inspirational...

My friend liked a guy very much but she saw him hug a another girl. She was heartbroken. Very heartbroken. She convinced her parents that she aught to move school. Her parents finally agreed. It turned out this girl he was hugging was his sister. She wishes she had not moved school and that she could turn back the clock but not all wishes come true. This song is a reflection of how some people feel in certain situations. I love it.

I'm not even sure why I like this guy anymore if I could turn back the clock to the day he asked me out I would've said yes instead it was a no from me. I totally regret it. Except one thing, everyone I know, my friends and classmates dislike or hate him :( I'm worried if I sacrifice everyone I like at school for 1 guy that'll probably dump me within a week I would choose my friends only because he'll probably turn me down I like I did to him because he doesn't love me anymore making this song so relatable

This song is hands down one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard. You can feel her emotions through her voice and the lyrics are so touching. I listen to this perfect song whenever I have any problems with my boyfriend, because it always reminds me to cherish what I have now before I lose it. It makes me imagine a future without him, that makes me really sad, and so I forgive and forget all our current problems and just love him the best I can.

This song is all about how little things done by a person please you when you've made a blunder and now regret it.. "i'm so glad.. You made time to see me"! Its like when the person is in front of you you don't realise how much he's worth.. But then suddenly he goes away and you come to know actually how valuable he was to you. Minor things done by that person please you then... I lobe you taylor.. You'll be my best ever and this song will keep on making me cry forever

This song of Taylor Swift is a very unique song that is so very touching and moving. The lyrics, the music, it is all very awesome. The song is so amazing that I can go on listening it a number of times. I think that it is "Back To December" that deserves the first position in the top ten songs of my very favourite Taylor Swift.

Back to December has not the tone needed to make it number one, the reason is the focus is laid on the LYRICS. But why it deserves number 3 ( after love story and you belong with me), because her voice in this song is softer, almost perfect I'd say. She has never been this close to perfection. Use your discretion, listen to this attentively. You'll get what I want to say

Truly deserves the top 3 spot in the list. I can't remember how many times I have heard this song and I am not bored yet. this has an essence, spirit and calmness of its own. one of the best soft song till date. I am used to listen this when I am feeling guilty or lonely. it helps to introspect oneself.

Have you ever made a mistake and wish you could change it? This beautiful song is truly amazing! Taylor sings it with a sweet voice, and it really touches your heart. This song never gets boring, and it has a beautiful tune. The chorus is also amazing. The lyrics are awesome, and you can easily relate it to your own personal experience. Go TAYLOR SWIFT!

JK ( Initials)

I also made a mistake like this in December and I often wish I could go back, but it's much too late now ;( This song expresses how I feel.
I love all the songs Taylor sings, she puts so much emotion into what she does! Her songs are also great to play and sing yourself, the chords are quite simple but so effective ;)
I love you Taylor, keep singing! ;p

This has to be number one! I mean, it's the most special song she's written, and the song and the video are beautifully made, along with the fact that it's different from all her other songs, because it's an apology, a first for her. Most touching song of hers, I'll say.

What the hell? This is the beat song... Its so touching... It should be number1... Its just so perfectly written and sung... And I guess every girl and many boys can relate to this song... Because of your stupidity you juzz loose the love of your life... How it feels is a perfect definition given by this song... People say feelings don't have definitions but this song and swift defines every feeling greatly probably that the reason her stuff talks to people

This song is so beautiful & it has too much romantic words that it touches my heart & so it breaks me into pieces that's because the girl that used to love me, now hates me she thinks I have lots of ego & pride because I rejected her in the past but now I love her to he core but she doesn't

Undoubtedly, the best Taylor Swift song. Just touches the soul. So pure...! The lyrics are just great and that coupled with Taylor Swift's voice is just magical. Heart Wrenching!

Back to december is a song demanding love, forgiveness, need and all the emotions that arise out of heartbreak. Heartbreak when you know the mistake was yours. best song of the album speak now, an expression of pure and true feelings

This is the best song. but what about sparks fly and speak now and better than revenge and mean? Most of the songs there are in the Fearless album. This song is awesome because it shows that she really wants the guy back.

This song is so beautiful! She isn't singing about a guy breaking up with her, she isn't singing about love, she is singing about a mistake she made! Taylor can sing, not just upbeat, but songs like this. I can really relate to this song and it makes a vision of what's going on in the lyrics

The song and video are awesome but... According to some rumors, she made it for Taylor Lautner so... I like Taylor Lautner very very much... He is so handsome... But he and Taylor Swift are not the perfect couples... They are more good as friends... Both of them will get their dream partner soon...

Definitely back to December. So this is you swallowing your pride choosing another song that's apparently better than back to December girl you got it all wrong and you go back to December turn around and change your own mind you go back to December all the time. Sing to tune.

This song is the very best of Taylor Swift... She's at her best... Every one of us make mistakes and who doesn't want to go to the past and change it? This song describes the feeling of many people... Just love it