Bad Blood


This depends on which version you're talking about. There's the original version on 1989, which has no rapping and is 100% less popular, and there's the rap version, which is/was everyone's favorite. I'm sorry everyone, but I prefer the original. My favorite Taylor Swift song is Wonderland anyway.

I have watched the video tons of times. It is fun, inspired and the mixed version of it is as good as the original version. One of my all time favorite videos.

Number one in the Billboard Hot 100 for just only one week.

Bad blood is the best song I ever listened to! I have no idea why it is in 37th place because it should be in 1st! People these days.

Taylor Swift has a nice voice in the chorus and Kendrick Lamar on the other hand raps nicely.

Awesome video! Awesome song to! Why do people hate it so much? I'm guessing the rap or something.I like the rap!

Good song, not bad at all. But 30th place. That is not the place this song is supposed to be in. Higher please!

This song is the one and only pop song that Taylor wrote that I actually LIKED.

Wow I love this song that Taylor made! Did you know she made it for Katy Perry

This song is really good. Taylor rocks in this song

REALLY?! I can't believe it's way up,it's one of her weakest not only on 1989 but also of all time. I think what makes it much more annoying is that some of her lyrical masterpieces from RED and SPEAK NOW are way down on the list.

I love it I could die for this song. Cause baby now we got bad blood.

It's so sad to think about the good times, you and I! I LOVE bad blood. - AnonymousChick

Band aids don't fix bullet holes! god I just love that sentence

It is the best song ever! You never want to stop listing to it

Band-aids don't fix bullet holes

I love the music video... Cool song. - 05yusuf09

My fave yay next time can you put a search to the Songs

The BEST song on 1989. I loved it. I hope it gets closer to #1.

One of my best Taylor Swift songs.

It is a good song I like Selena and Taylor moves

Lights camera action!
Yeah the video song is a perfect action video. There weapons were overwhelming and loved selena's fighting with taylor. Taylor we love you dear.

Best song ever.Can't beat it not even "your best friend Katy perry".100 years from know everyone will admire you! whats your favorite?

Oh, It's so sad to think about the good times, you and i
Cause baby now we got bad blood and you know it used to be mad love

Fighting song as well as catchy tune just loved it. I betterly love the last few tunes..