I Knew You Were Trouble


I love this song... Taylor swift isn't country anymore. It really makes a good statement about her and all of the trouble that she has been through with all of her trouble boyfriends... This song is overall my favorite from her and any other song that I have heard before... No hate at all! Best thing ever.. Can't wait for more songs from her

Such a load of crap. I don't understand why all my friends go gaga over her. The basic theme of majority of swift songs is heartbreak. Its always like some evil good looking jerk comes along her way, she falls in love with him and then he breaks her heart and then you know what happens. Her vocal quality is below average. Boys won't stay with you if you treat them like shoes. There must be something wrong with her. No wonder she can't hold on to a man for more than two months. Maybe one fine morning taylor will wake up and realise that she herself is TROUBLE.

Who ever thinks this song is bad, then I am sure you have really a bad choice to select your songs. What you think this song is bad? No way, this one is the most superb song ever sang by Taylor. One have to listen it. And the next time when you will listen this song, you will go so much of crazy of this song that you make it as your ringtone. This song is a mixture of old melody and rock type. It will touch your heart. Must listen it and then tell if it's bad or good.

BEST SONG IN THE WORLD! I can't help dancing to it. Every time I hear this song nothing else matters. AWESOME SONG AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME! Please do the world a favor and liston yo it.

THIS IS MY FAVORITE TAYLOR SWIFT SONG! I've listened to it so many times! The only song I've listened to more than I Knew You Were Trouble is 50 Ways to Say Goodbye. (Which is a Train song, not Taylor Swift. ) But I just love Taylor Swift and all her music. It's truly amazing! - RockFashionista

Hey. It's the person who was celebrating the 8 year anniversary of Red yesterday. You know how I said today was supposed to be the new album release date? Well bad news. I was wrong. THERE IS NO TAYLOR SWIFT ALBUM! Sorry for giving you hope. I did too. I was so bummed about it too. Sorry guys : (

This song is just amazing Taylor swift is one of my favorite singer her songs are great specially this one I love Taylor n her songs please listen this song and vote.

Greatest song about just trusting yourself because if you don't your going to end up regretting what you did or what could have happened. Thank you miss taylor for making such a great song!

People who say hey she's singing about her boyfriend for 68000th time, guess what, no one cares really. I am listening to this song right now, and its good mann?! Its like a dance number which I love! A good rhythm, and just feel like singing along

It's the latest song of taylor swift. It's different from all of her songs. It even comes on vh1 big hit. I'm sure that this is her best song. Vote for it. Come on! Its so famous.

Is the best song of taylor! Before I didn't liked taylor swift but after hearing this son I now love her! It is awesome and I really like all of you should hear it is flawless!

It's a great song! I mean seriously it is mainstream music but her vocals and harmonies are awesome and as much as I love her country music this is just as good or better!

I knew you were in trouble was the first song that I listened to when I started liking Taylor Swift! I knew you were in trouble did 65% of the job and Bad Blood did the rest.

I am a huge fan of all her songs, Red was the best album of the year. She is one of the best artists of 2013. I Knew You Were Trouble was a different sound for her and she nailed it! I was very impressed, the song was on replay since it came out!

Guys, you probably never listened to this song if you don't vote for it! It's totally new and awesome... It should be in the top ten. The best song from the new album RED!

People didn't give this one enough credit. It may be a little different but she is evolving with our generation and any girl can relate with this "I fell for an assh*** and feel like an idiot now" message. Love it.

Such a fun song to dance to, and it shows that sometimes you know that a guy or girl is trouble, but your temptation to be with them is greater than you mind telling you no. AMAZING SONG.

Oh come on! This song's really awesome! It's a new release so you should listen to it and vote because it's a lot better then the songs up there! Really catchy!

This song: it just gives you the feeling she feels. She uses very great emotional qualities in her work. This is truly the best song ever. I love this song very very much. Thank you Taylor Swift! I love you!

New taylor swift she's not this little country girl that is to shy to talk to anyone now she's the girl that if you break up with her she writes an amazing song about you

I love this song. Yes, it gets stuck in your head for forever. I know a lot of different songs, but this one really stands out. Have you ever made a choice that you regretted later but loved then?

Her voice is SO charming! And yes, the melodies and lyrics are so beautiful and meaningful! To be honest, 'I knew you were trouble' is my favourite Taylor Swift song...

I love this song I listin to it every day and don't get bored its so catchy I can sing it see I knew you were trouble when you walked in shame on me nowow you flew me to places I never been now I'm lyeing on the cold hard ground trouble trouble trouble oh oh oh trouble trouble trouble see I sang I think most or all if it had music in the background of my singin and if you could here my singin it would be better

This is first English song I have heard after I was born and I am in love with her because of her sweet voice and beautiful face...i love you taylor from the bottom of my heart...

I love this time. I don't like Taylor Swift very much at fist, but when I heard I knew you were trouble, I began to listen every songs that Taylor had made. I love you Taylor!