Love Story


The song is so amazing with beautiful lyrics! What a love story it is. I really convey my regards to Taylor Swift by clicking like to every single song of hers! All the best taylor may you come up with very beautiful songs in future!

I love your love story to the core! I just can't express it on words!
I wish I would be the prince and you would be the princess!
Its a breath taking song. The Song always gets played in my mind though I really don't wanna hear it!

I can't describe in words how much this song means to me. I heard it first time in 2009 and since then it's been my absolute all time favourite song. I was in love with this guy who liked me back but he didn't dare to tell me and I didn't dare to tell him so I just wished that it would be like in love story all the time. But we never ended up together anyways sadly. But I absolutly love this song to death anyway and it brings back so many memories.

Man this is my most favorite song ever. My opinion this is best song of Taylor Swift ever. No matter how much old this song is I always listen this song. She is the best casual romantic singer ever! Whenever I listen her songs especially this song a current full of excitement, Joy and emotion flows in me. She Lives in my always. LOVE you SO MUCH TAYLOR SWIFT!

This is totally Taylor's Swift best song. If you search best Taylor swift songs you will find all her songs are that are older are higher and newer are not so good. Love story was Taylor swift first song and was the best. Her newer songs aren't even good. Hear Bad blood it was horrible. Taylor swift used to be a good girl, got to proud of herself and changed. Even though she will never be the girl she used to be this was her oldest song.

This song is the best song EVER! Taylor Swift is such a great singer. She is not like other artists who create music just to become famous. She is a real musician and she has got the talent. I love all of her songs anyway! She is beautiful, talented and she has such a great voice. I wish she belongs with me!

This song is the best song of Taylor Swift... I usually get bored by those love stories bu these song makes me believe in love... I have fallen in love with this song... Its damn good.. I hear it at least 50 times a day but still don't get bored of it... The lyrics are damn good and I really love her voice... This song defines the feeling of a person deeply in love...

I love this song a lot. It reminds me of my crush a lot. I wish I had what it takes to be with him. This song always made me a bit more brave to tell him 'I LIKE YOU'. They should have made a movie regarding this song. - snowygal123

The best song from Taylor Swift ever, especially having all the sweet memories. This song brings me back to where my life was at its best - no worries no stress, just fairytale and romance. I'm 17 now, and the world has been so different right now. I remembered listening this for the first time, and realizing myself humming this song all day long during my exams! Old but gold, never gets bored!

This was the first song I listened to by taylor swift and I fell in love with the lyrics, the tune and most of all the story that almost every girl wishes would be here's. Taylor swift is the southern belle that everybody likes and is a great role model for little girls with hope out there. Go figure!

This song deserves to be the BEST... Every time I listen to it, I love it like the first time I heard it. it means a lot to me as it suits my love story. there's a guy who's deeply in love with me and I love him more than anything. my parents are just not accepting him... I love dis song, taylor you are awesome, no words thumbs up - PrinxessSini12

I think this should definitely be the top song. I love it! From what I have read, a lot of other people think so too. Taylor swift is an amazing, talented, and beautiful person... And honestly, all of her songs are so good! But this is my favorite!

Well... I love the Lyrics and Her voice is Super Cool! I just Love the time when she comes holding her books. Besides when I hear this song I feel like if I ever have a problem with my Boyfriend he'll surely manage to convince my dad!... Love It!

Love story is playing on the radio, my ears perk up and I think, wow, such a great song. And it's also so sweet, and it tells a story with a happy ending, whereas You belong with me only expresses a feeling and doesn't really have a story, except in the music video. Also, the tune to Love Story is so good, and Taylor sounds great on this!

This is the best Taylor Swift song. I always remember my first love since fifth grade. This song relates me because my mom used to hate my boyfriend our story was like romeo and juliet. I wish she still writes songs like this.

Definitely the best song, all her songs are amazing as they come but this one is particularly amazing. I'm in love and this is definitely a song I can relate to. My love story, is just like this. This is number One for sure.

Love Story is the best song of Taylor Swift that I loved... It should be the top 1 song of hers.. I like this song very much and there is something magical in this song. I have heard many songs of Taylor Swift and I also like them but this song is an unique song

Though Romero and Juliet was a tragedy by Shakespeare. But it was not a tragedy by Taylor swift.
That what's make the song more beautiful and unique
And when it was released it had the most different, calm and beautiful style. In "Romeo and Juliet" they had a miserable end. But in"Love Story" it has a happiest ending of love.
That's what attracted people and make it one of the most famous song by Taylor Swift

For me, this is the best song of Taylor Swift because among all of her songs this is the only one who gives me a lot of chills in my veins and the nostalgia level was so high. And no one gives me that kind of feels, only the song Love Story

In the past, You Belong With Me was the top. Then, Love Story beat it and became top. I hope that happens again. I mean, You Belong With Me is one of Taylor's cutest tracks, and she is absolutely adorable and beautiful in it, but Love Story is just as cute but even sweeter and touching.

Well my love story with LOVE STORY starts NOW!
PERFECT! In the love story way!
Fallen in LOVE with this song!
ALWAYS number 1!

This was the first song I heard by Taylor Swift. I was only five and I didn't know much English but I LOVED this song so I wondered if Taylor Swift made more songs and when I listened to them I fell in live with Tay. I LOVE YOU TAYLOR SWIFT!

Taylor's metallic voice enchantingly tells a story as if it's a fairytale. It all seems go have a dusty glow to the song, to the lyrics that settle down etched into your heart. If you had to listen to one Taylor Swift song it should be this one.

This song gives me goosebumps... Amazing work Taylor and thanks a lot for making this track... I love the theme of this song and it takes you to a whole different world and Taylor looks gorgeous in it... Actually both look like romeo and juliet


First ever Taylor Swift song I've listened to and I have loved her ever since! People say that it's wrong that she's had so many relationships, but they are what have given us the amazing songs by the amazing Taylor Swift! Long Live!