We are Never Ever Getting Back Together


I'm German, and in fact I didn't really listen to her songs... They sometimes bored me. But this was the only song of her, that filled me with enthusiasm the first time I listened to it! I started to search for other songs that have been successful in America and I found a lot of them that I liked, too... But this was the song, which made me be her fan! So I voted for this. Without a doubt she should be more popular in Germany! And sorry for my bad English! As I've already mentioned I am German and in the 8th grade that's why my comment probably sounds a bit strange.. ;)

THIS SONG IS JUST AWESOME! Can't believe its so down in the list! I agree with the comment here that this song is better than "You Belong With Me. "Its my latest favourite song. YOU'RE AWESOME TAYLOR SWIFT! LOVE YOU! The lines "When you said I needed space' what? " and "I say I hate you we break up you call me I love you" are my favourite. But all lines are super cool!

Awesome song! Should be in top ten... But I can't decide, all of her songs are perfect! Really fits with my mood. But this song is one of the easiest one to memorize. I say it's not in the top ten because people haven't heard it yet. If you see this comment, and you haven't heard the song, watch it in youtube!

I love this song so much. It just has so much girl power. She's like, "I'm not gonna put up with you so go away! " It is an amazing song, and like all Taylor Swift music video's should become a movie (with the exception of Blank Space that would be a horror movie). If it was it would be number one in the top 10 movie list.

Oh man this song is so so good best song so far for me after love story and every thing has changed...no now maybe it is going to be 1 we are never ever getting back together then love story and then everything has changed love you taylor swift you are swiftly going up to become the best female artist

It's one of the best! Better than songs in my opinion than some of the songs in the 1989 album. Why can't the old Taylor be back?

We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together is the song that everyone knows. I discover Taylor Swift with this song, so it would stay in my mind for my entire life. Even this is a very famous song and even people say that it is a commercial song, I think this is one of the best Taylor's songs.

This song was Taylor's break out into really pop music! It was #1 for ages and it is so catchy and so many people can relate to having ex boyfriends that they never want to see again. It is won of the best and most popular songs from Taylor Swift and I think it deserves a top five spot.

I love this song. This is the one of her best songs. I think it should enter the top five. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together is the first Taylor Swift's single to reach number one on Billboard Hot 100. So, vote for it guys. If you didn't hear the song, then listen to it. :)

- Louie Jay Doronio

I don't know why I love this song. In fact I'm not a swiftie.. I love this song..

This song also have a deepest mean of me because it's tell me about my love story laugh out loud.. Haha.. Anything, I hope this song will be the best song of taylor swift!

And another one best taylor swift song is 'The Story Of Us'
That was amazing

Well, taylor's smart to choose theme of her song.. Love love love for her!
And I hope taylor will have a great achievement with this song or album..

Anyway I've be a taylor swift haters for a while and now I love herr

Best song ever I've heard on Taylor Swift. Really cool song. It teaches that she is never everbgetting back to together with somebody that broke your heart. I am hearing this song right now on demand. I am going to listen on youtube. This song is better than mean and I knew you were trouble. Awesome song in 2013. When I hear this song it makes my sister and want to dance

This song is so good! Her voice in this song is Amazing! And you can relate tod the lyrics and how a relationship shouldn't be an emotional roller coaster. It's one of her newer songs, but I think it should rank at 5.

This song never used to be one of my favorites yeah it's a bit hard to like at first but then it turns into something totally amazing # I came 2nd place In my schools talent show singing this.

This is probably her best song because it's it's not about a sad breakup or a happy relationship. It's about her being happy about a breakup. Which is a huge first for her. Really though.

Even though it's totally different from a load of her songs, it's definitely the best... It's more poppy but it's amazing.. And the music video is really cool

Its the new song from her album "RED" and I am just lovin it!... I recommend it to you. It has superb lyrics and the beat is just awesome!

I am surprised when it is not #1 on this list
perhaps it is the newest song so not much people is voting
But I believe this song will be number 1 soon!
vote this song!

I just love this song. Its the best song I have heard in a long time. Awesome Taylor... I love you.! The song beats are just mind blasting, amazing, excellent...

I used this song to remind me that my ex needed to stay gone. Allowing him to keep coming back was only destroying my abilities to heal and then go find a love that was real.

I love this song! It has really good lyrics and message. Taylor really describes her emotions in this song you should listen to it! Love it a lot!

Boys and girls who get hurt from your boyfriend tell them this song or sing it to them because they deserve it because thy broke your heart

I love this song! This should be at least number three. The only reason it isn't is because its new, but you guys have to here it and then vote!

Taylor is my role model I really love Taylor I would really like to be on ellen with you and you should be with Harry that's my opinion

I love this song to bits... It should be number 1... So catchy... I love you taylor so much for singing this song! Xx

I love this song so much! It's the first ever Taylor Swift, back in 2013. It used to be crazy famous. Keep up the dazzling work Taylor!