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21 Demoknight

Basically a better version of Demoman.

22 Saxton Hale

Hey, you can actually play as him.

Saxton Hale is a one man army, capable of decimating entire teams of mercenaries with his bare hands and feet. He can out muscle a Heavy and outrun a Scout, he is unstopabble!

He is not the 10th class, he is the 3rd team. - SSeemstobeforSucks

23 Sentry

He shoots you when you try to invade enemy property

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24 Meem

Because I can

No...?! Meem

25 Pro Gibus

The ultimate kind of perfection, if you are a gibus scout and have skill, EVERYONE IS GONNA BE DEAD

26 Mini Sentries V 1 Comment
27 Pootis Bird

Best character


28 Merasmus
29 Grey Mann

Grey Mann is the very best class, I main him and don't get the people who don't.

He killed the leaders of BLU and RED.

30 Commander

It was planned to a be a class but cut during development

I just voted for this because commander isn't a class.

Clearly the best class, is really well balanced and I love Commander's quiotes. I always play as him.

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31 P2P

F2p: what can be better than 50 items
P2p:300 you noob get a hat

32 Deathmatch Mercenary
33 Spectator V 1 Comment
34 Blooper
35 Guard Dog
36 MvM Robots
37 Pumpkin Bomb V 1 Comment
38 Trolldier

The class everyone hates but every soldier main plays at one point.

39 Pyro Shark
40 Flying Scout

Come fly with me let's fly and I can a see ma base from here

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