Best Team Fortress 2 Demoman Weapons

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21 Master Ball

You can catch any Pokemon with this ( even legendary )

Gotta catch em all

Master Ball is just awesome, I always capture Heavys with it


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22 Claidheamh Mor

This weapon is awesome

23 Pain Train

Although it is frequently frowned upon, the Pain Train (especially coupled with a stickybomb launcher) makes the Demoman a force to be reckoned with. In this one weapon, he is given an ability unique to the Scout. He can become a ninja at capping points with one weapon. He gets a few weaknesses: Scouts, a notorious counter; Heavies, which can wreck him at close range; Snipers, which usually don't go for him; and Engineers' Sentry Guns, which are the largest hazard for him.

24 B.A.S.E. Jumper

Very fun to use maybe not reliable but can be a good replacement for the bootlegger in the trolledemo loadout

25 Scottish Handshake

If you play true demoman, you won't need a sword. Only a simple bottle will strike quickly and not alter your health.

26 Level One Bottle
27 Blunderbuss
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