Best Team Fortress 2 Heavy Weapons

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1 Minigun

The original and the best in all round.

The Best minigun by far

The iron curtain is better it's a stock minigun and is stylish

The brass beast should be because it has more damage

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2 Tomislav

I love the tomislav. For me, it is a good weapon whether offense and defense. Good for ambushing enemies, or hitting scouts running like a fly and you're the guy with the pesticide of all miniguns.

Despite its slow firing speed (which makes its unique tomislav sound), it has a faster spin-up time that is silent, so no one will hear you coming, and it is 20% more accurate good for catching fleeing enemies.The tomislav is the best minigun.

A great Heavy minigun, 20% More Accurate, Faster Spin time, No Spin sound.

It is the best minigun for the heavy!

I play mostly smaller and faster characters: scout, engi, etc. and when I use the tomislav it makes me feel faster and allows me to engage in faster and stealthier gameplay

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3 Gloves of Running Urgently

Wow, now a heavy can run as fast as a scout and the Heavy hardly uses his melee unless it's a holiday punch which is also good.

Good for getting to front lines FAST! I just don't like how you can get mini crited.

4 Sandvich

It's really good because it's like a portable health kit, restores all your health, pretty fast, and is good for when low health.

You can strategically use it to bypass enemy defenses by being a friendly

A great snack that can save your or another players life

By far the best passive weapon in tf2

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5 Huo Long Heater

It doesn't make it invincible just backstab and he's set on fire then he grabs a health pack

The hut long heater can do more damage than the brass beast if the person is on fire.

It is the most offensive by far. 25% stronger damage buff when the opponent is on fire

This is a bad weapon. spies can still jump-stab heavy. scouts can still kill him point-black. ammo consumption means its useless when not next to payload or dispenser - marmalade_skies

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6 Iron Curtain

This weapon may just be like the normal Minigun, but that's what makes it good. Go around the map with a gun that hardly anyone else has!

Minigun with different bullet spread pattern

7 Brass Beast

The best defensive heavy weapon. Before and after the buff that makes you take less damage, I found this one to be the best minigun, especially defensively, that heavy has to offer. - psychiclion

It just wracks everything!

Best Minigun in my opinion

The other miniguns do at least 5 to 8 damage. This thing does 10 to 15, which can help. Not to mention this thing is op in mvm.

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8 Holiday Punch

Make them laugh and kill them with taunt. AWESOME COMBO! - Storm

The ultimate troll weapon!

Straight upgrade to stock, you can hit someone and they laugh.
No downsides.

Brutally maiming your opponent as they laugh hysterically... nothing better.

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9 Family Business

Think of this. A heavy is running with his silent tomislav and sees a scout. He only has 20 ammo left. He shoots at the scout and runs out of ammo. He has a shotgun and the scout runs away. He shoots at the scout and realizes his gun doesn't have range. If he used any sandwich the scout would've stolen it. Any melee wouldn't work because of how short the range is. But... If he had the family business he could kill that scout in a matter of seconds.

It can come in useful sometimes, while it isn't as useful as the Sanvich, its still a cool unique weapon to use when you Minigun ammo runs dry

This is for being a fat scout.

10 Killing Gloves of Boxing

A weapon that gets mini crits as soon as you kill someone. Annoying to fight against, fun when you win

Certainly a must for Degroot Keep, as well as the Holiday Punch.

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11 Pocket Medic

You NEED this weapon.

12 Natascha

Pretty good for those annoying scouts so they lose some wind.

Grossly underrated gun

Who doesn't want it

Good against scouts. good if you're by an allied sentry. good if you have team mates to follow it up - marmalade_skies

13 Fists of Steel

Worst weapon for heavy EVER

Good if the opposition is a billion snipers

14 Shotgun

Amazing if you're a combat heavy.

15 Fists

The taunt is so cool!

16 Dead Ringer
17 The Phlogistinator

This one is so good you can... give it to a pyro?

Why is the phlog here, I thought this was heavy, unless your talking about the randomizer?

This is so good you don't even have to spin it up... or use it at all.

18 The Frontier Justice


19 The Ubersaw

Put this on medic idiot

20 Rocket Launcher

Its good against... Wait! This weapon doesn't belong to heavy.

Who was dumb enough to write rocket launcher

How is this in the heavy class?


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21 Dalokohs Bar

I don't know what with you guys but I think that its good for heavy himself. Though it can overheal you

I don't like it because it takes so long, and only overheal for a short period of time.

22 Knife

Put this somewhere else, in the spy section.

Wait a minute...

23 The Pistol

Tottaly a heavy weapon no doubt about it!

Isn't this only for the scout and engi?

24 Warriors Spirit

It's the highest damage melee weapon for heavy and at least this is a heavy weapon cause well some of the ones above are not even heavy weapons

25 Force of Nature

The best weapon for heavy, it makes him more moble.

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