Best Team Fortress 2 Soldier Weapons

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1 The Black Box

The Best Rocket Ever I Have Never See The Black Box Are Best Weapon Because Heals You 15 When Hit And I Don't Know About The Black Box More For That Weapon, Soldier Can Be Very hard To Kill With The Black Box It Will Be The Hardest Soldier To Kill.

Despite its 1 less clip, it can heal the soldier up to 20 health per rocket. A good all-rounder, for beginners and pros, when you wanna have power and survivability in one weapon. Plus it is good for pubs, since no Medics can only focus on you, and when healthkits are out of your reach. Even the design of the black box is cool and very battle-aesthetic. That's why it is my favorite soldier weapon.

To be honest, I don't know why people think that the -25% less clip size is really bad since it drastically increases Soldier's survivability because of the healing. Also, Black Box + Conch = Medic in a box.

It's so cool I've been using it all the time and I always get most kills in my team

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2 Rocket Launcher

Really good reload time, Good damage. Awesome primary weapon. Ties with the Black Box

Balanced stats, high damage, good reload, good clip size, how does it lose?

Because it's generally the best Primary, compared to the others.

Is the best because your mother told to me

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3 Direct Hit

One of the most OP weapons in the game - Storm

If you have good aim, you can pretty much wreck the entire enemy team.

Oh my gosh my item actually beat the 10th item and is now 10th! Go Direct hit! - Storm

The Direct Hit is really good because if you can aim it right, it does insane damage as it does more damage.

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4 Beggar's Bazooka

Only You Cannot Use R Only Hold The Mouse 1 To Load A 3 Rocket (4 Or Up The Rocket Will Explored On You) Cannot Get Ammos On Dispenser. But he's On Ten Top

Actually you CAN get ammos from dispensers, you just need to take another weapon in your hands?

Awesome! Three projectile burst! Now you can be op and kill everyone!

This should be first. It is the best weapon that I can think of.

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5 Concheror

Heals your team, heals you constantly and gives you a speed boost on use. - psychiclion

Heals Your Team As A Medic :P If You Try TO Heal Your Team Go As Medic So... Don't Try
But he's From The Ten Top. He's Still..

You're a military medic. A soldier that's a doctor.

Who doesn't want that? - mattstat716

6 Market Gardener

It Very Good But Not Best Melee, No Random Critical Hit, Must Be Rocket Jump To Do A Full Critical Hit, That Must Be The Number 3 Only For Critical hit But he's 4 OF No Random Critical Hit.

Market Gardening is stupid. You can't do enough damage to actually assist your team. - mattstat716

7 Escape Plan

This is a great and very useful weapon in all escape situations.

Amazing for escapes after overextending.

It Very Good Try it Out :D When You Have A Low Health Your Fast As A Scout ;D But If You Have Full Health, No Speed Adds (Normal) It Like Equalizer But AS Damage, Escape Plan As Speed, (No Taunt Damage When Have Rocket Jumper)

8 Gunboats

Soldier is generally a slow class, so why not fix that by rocket jumping?
With the gunboats, you don't kill yourself every time you jump.

9 Air Strike

It's not the most effective weapon soldier's arsenal (That would be stock or black box), but damn it is surely the most fun.

Air Strike Op seriously though combined with BASE Jumper, one of the most powerful and fun weapons in the game.

This is op with base jumper. You can shot 7 rockets after rocket jump.

its good

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10 The Original

Very good and feels good to use

As good as stock RL and sounds more realistic,good for realistic players

The Contenders

11 Liberty Launcher

It's a great rocket for combos with reserve shooter but it has low damage its great for rocket jumps.

Like The Black Box But Not Heals It Fast Rockets

Good weapon with fast rockets.


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12 Equalizer

For Low Health, Damage Is High, For Full Health, No Damage Bonus, And The Equalizer Goods For Kill Enemy (Doing Taunt With Rocket Jumper You Will Not Taken Any Damage) So That Weapon Best Melee For Soldier And Escape Plan Too.

The equalizer is awesome because the closer to death
You are the easier it is to kill

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13 Buff Banner

Eh still prefer the battalion's backup for sentry buster but still very good nonetheless

Best soldier secondary. The meter takes a lot of damage to charge though. But that is not really a downside if you are a good soldier. And minicrits are awesome.

14 Rocket Jumper

Very good with market gardener

No damage? Use a shotgun for once

Good I guess

15 Cow Mangler 5000

It vaporizes on one or two shots

Not Are Best Weapon For Soldier, Non That Are Lazer Gun But Go To Wiki To See Why he's 6th ;D

Why is this so low? It's so powerful, I love it! - mattstat716

No amo reaload speed is good. Projectile speed decent

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16 Reserve Shooter

15% faster weapon switch speed.
Mini-crits airborne targets for 3 seconds after switch.
Just hit the target with a rocket then Reserve him for a grave

17 B.A.S.E Jumper

It can slow down the speed. Then it can be no damage for rocket jump flowing down.

Combine with air strike and spam to your hearts content

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18 Pain Train
19 Battalion's Backup

Such a great soldier secondary builds up FROM DAMGAE TAKN and gives a resistance boost and immunity to crits great soldier secondary

20 Righteous Bison

Must Be That The Number 1 No Ammo Ends, Not Airblasted, Can Be Hit The Enemys By One Shot It Good But it Number 2 Because 20 Damage On Builds Enemy.

Penetrate enemys and buildings (so you can easly deal with engineers that hide behind ther sentrys), do more damage to enemys that escaping from you, do more damage to enemys at longer distance than shotgun, has unlimite ammo, can set in fire arrows from huntsman, looks awesome and have awesome reolading animation. Much. Better. Than. Shotgun.

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21 Mantreads

It Best Second Weapon For Soldier, Mantreads It Do A Damage On The Enemy That You Land Him, That Are Best Second Weapon EVER

22 Half-Zatoichi

He's Good But don't Battle That Weapon With Enemy Soldier Demoman That Have Half-Zatoichi It Will Instant Kill
So he's Good For Kill Enemy That Your Are Full Health

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