Best Team Fortress 2 Spy Knives

The Top Ten

1 The Spy-Cicle

Good For No Noise But The Enemy Will Became Ice... That Enemy Try To Find You
Do A Backstab By No Enemy There

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2 The Big Earner

Goes brilliantly with the dead ringer and l'entranger

That Weapon Is Great But -25 Health On Wearer

That Weapon Can Be Great for Spy On Backstab + 30 Clock Time That Too Good
Try The Big Earner It Best Knife Spy
If Not Best Add Your Post If Not Best

3 Your Eternal Reward

That For Disguise Enemy On Backstab (NOT ON KILL) But You Cannot Use Disguise Menu
That Good For Noise Sound Not That Why Are Enemy Will Not Think You Are Spy EXPECT The Enemy That See You Backstab

4 The Sharp Dresser

They Are Normal But You Can Use Disguise Menu For That Enemy Not Think You Spy Expect The Enemy Are Try To Toggle You
They Are Good Weapon

5 Conniver's Kunai

Is Not A Bad Weapon But... Your Health Became 60 Do A Backstab, Your Health Will Overheal That Good
You Health Start On 60 That NOT Good

It From The 5 Top

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