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61 Red-Tape Recorder

The stock sapper can destroy them...

Better than the stock sapper, bacause you can downgrade enemy buildings.

Yeah but the stock sappers proggress is all lost when removed of hit again, with this you can spam like heck

Love using hate seeing.

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62 Sharpened Volcano Fragment

One of the worst weapons. You can simply light enemies with the flamethrower

I'm pretty sure the adder was being sarcastic. - Mumbizz01

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63 Jag

Being able to build sentries and other buildings faster is huge as engineer.

64 Baby Face's Blaster

Maybe it does a little less damage, maybe it has a little less bullets, but you run twice as fast if you charge it. Awesome.

You lose boost if you air jump. Or if you take damage. So what? You get it back easily, and you're supposed to be avoiding damage as a scout. I mean... He has 125 health...

The perfect weapon for experienced players. It may not look great at first, but once you really use it, it's awesome.

I really hope it's as good as you say, I wanna try it out.

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65 Rocket Launcher

It's the best for the reason that it doesn't have any downsides. Unless compared with the direct hit. It's a tie.

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66 Splendid Screen

A major role in a demoman's inventory. The fire and explosive damage reduction gives the demo plenty of survivability to run in there and chop people's heads off. The charge is a good getaway item, too!

Simply the best Demoman shield!
Use it with Persian Persuader and Ali Baba's Wee Booties!
9.5/10 Best shield

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67 Holiday Punch

This weapon is very good, as if you get a random crit, the enemy bursts into laughter, allowing a taunt kill or just to finish them with your mini gun.

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68 Minigun V 1 Comment
69 Detonator

Being able to flare jump is huge, and being able to explode the flare, lighting a lot of people on fire. I use it with my back burner and axtuinguisher, and hexelz to the yesh it bodes well for keeping the Russian fatty MC fatty dead.

70 Gunslinger

3 strikes and your out. With this plus the upsides below. If you hit enemies 3 times it can be multiple targets as long as its in a row. The third hit is a crit. Its also has a kill icon specifically showing that you did a combo kill. It is AMAZING. But only with the frontier justice.

Perfect fit for attack engineer. Place down a little, fast building mini sentry. You have enough metal to build 2 of them. Just place another one, and another one...

This is so good even though it is annoying

OP OP and what else... ? OP

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71 Pomson 6000

It stops ubers, so people can't charge in and destroy you camp site, it reduces cloak, so your sentry can shoot it, and it doesn't require ammo. Now it does 20% less damage to buildings, but since when did an Engineer go to another campsite just to destroy their buildings? Then there's reduced clip size. How many time do YOU need to fire when you have a sentry? Not much I hope.

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72 Third Degree

It's like the regular fire axe, but the same or better in every single way. With this weapon, there is absolutely no reason to use the regular fire axe, unless you like doing less damage.

It's good. But there are definitely better pyro melee weapons out there.

If you use the default you may as well you this it has no down falls?

If a Medic is healing the person you hit with the Third Degree, you kill him too! Good weapon for Pyro.

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73 Pokeball

I caught two scouts and a heavy EX

Throw at your enemys and make them join your side and enslave them to sell them on black market.
Or just get pizza.

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74 Gibus V 2 Comments
75 Buff Banner
76 Randomizer
77 Brass Beast

This thing is truly a Brass Beast and the best gun to have for defense situations and Mann vs machine. It has a pretty good damage bonus but the only downside is that you move a bit slower with it. That's why you use it when you've lost control of your captures. If you want to be stupid and attack as a heavy, go with the default. And if anyone thinks of putting the Tomislav here would get laughed at, when does a heavy need a silencer? Also the 20% slower fire rate nerfs it. Go play Counter Strike if you like silencers.

Immaculate weapon, use this or the default minigun. Goes well with the Kritzkrieg and the G.R.U.

The brass beast basically increases damage and slower speed which makes you a slitghly more mobile sentry gun

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78 Sticky Jumper

It's awesome when. You can fly around with the caber or pan and go around trolling people. The base jumper can be used to avoid fall damage to be a suicide demo however the g launcher or loch n load is better with it so you can take out sentries.

One of the most underrated item in the game in my opinion. You take a stunning amount of 0 damage no matter how many stickybombs you place. I jump across whole maps, taking very little fall damage. Combine it with the Ullapool Caber and you got yourself a Suicide-Demo.

Sticky jumper+ullapool caber and loch and load and you are grenade shooting sticky jumping and one hit killing

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79 Flying Guillotine

Great for picking off people that are low on health, you don't even have to use it with the sandman for it to be effective.

Throwing a butcher's knife. How's that not awesome?

The damage this weapon deals is amazing, plus it let's enimies bleed. - Immersed24

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80 Half-Zatoichi

With Ali baba's wee booties/Bootlegger and chargin targe/splendid screen you can't switch weapons anyway so no downside. Even longer than eyelander plus you get full health so you can run away if your crowded. Also one hit kill in demo/soldier with it.

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