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101 The Snack Attack

It's a bread monster eating an enemy building. It doesn't get any better than that

This is considerably quieter than every other sapper. Good for keeping other engies and sapper-removing pyros away; they won't notice a thing unless they're the owner of the machine.

Dogs, this he best reskin I ever saw

102 Volcanic Glass Shard

Bad-ass weapon. Not the best but the coolest. And it lights them on fire.

103 Iron Bomber

Love this though it has hardly any ammo.

Amazing weapon, can do with the non rolling bombs, 😀

The Iron Bomber is a primary weapon for the Denman, and my favorite explosive weapon in the game. It fires spherical, non-rolling grenades, which allows for grenade jumping. It also has 2 hidden stats, being that it's the only grenade launcher I can aim with, and it's the only grenade launcher where the barrels matchthe clip size.

Denman Primaries (my opinion)
1. Iron Bomber(best and most fun)
2.Grenade Launcher(great, just not fun for me)
3.Loose Cannon(lots of fun, when you pull it off)
4.Loch 'n' Load(decent, just not fun)

104 The Saxxy V 1 Comment
105 The Classic

If it could charge passively while you're running around, that would be cool. It would be like a hitscan huntsman but with much slower rate of fire and requiring more precision.

Ummm.. Well just Well... No, No headshots till fully charged up?!?! nope

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106 Poltergeist 6000

You're an engineer, and unless you have The Gunslinger, you're gonna be camping most likely, and it has no ammo cost, which, in my opinion, is perfect for camping. There's also the fact that it stops Uber. Which means that someone can't uber and destroy your camping spot. Its perfect!

107 Equalizer

Take down someone with a... grenade, A great getaway technique if all of your shotgun shells and rockets are all out.

108 Righteous Bison

The righteous bison is fun to use. After all, it is a LAZOR, and is good at taking out the retreating bastards. However, it fires slowly and doesn't do very much damage. The stock shotgun, buff banner, and gunboats are all better secondaries.

GREAT for MVM if you upgrade projectile speed, the death animation is so satisfying and it's design is so cool. Plus it goes through people, good with beggars so you can take out buildings

I hate this gun
It's the worst soldier secondary there is!
I'd rather use the shotgun

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109 Apoco-Fists

Ok, lets just say you PROBERLY have no idea what this item is... But it is a level 10 pear of fists for heavy... These have high damage, good for sneak attacks, But the downside is, slow hitting speed :( but it is good for ambusing in corners :) these are not available on the store. Hard to find (if you even CAN) I think its only craftable... I crafted it

110 Ullapool Caber

(Sorry if I spelled it wrong) You run at an enemy, hit him in the face with a grenade on a stick, dead. Not really rocket science. Also does 100 damage to you if you hit something with it, so you can be a kamikaze demo

The ultimate troll device. Really annoys people when they're about t kill you and you blow them up with a bunch of other people.

Best melee for demo in my opinion you can sticky jump right over to that pesky sentry and blow 'em sky high!

The Ullapool is already on here, listed as Caber.

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111 Conniver's Kunai

You can get an overheal even higher than a stock soldier. How is this not higher?

Got an enginner protecting a sentry and your reactions are slow? No probably the overheal would save you from the entries shot and give you time to sap it

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112 Shahanshah V 1 Comment
113 Bonk! Atomic Punch!

Great for getting out of sticky situations or gathering enemy fire. Oh yeah, it blocks fire, bullets, melees, charges, environmental damage (besides instant deaths). It can be very useful for blocking sentries.

114 Ham Shank

You smack people with a piece of ham. What's not to love?

A ham that crits more than any weapon besides the pan. What's not to like?

Well its op because it is ham and it is op every day mini-crits and u can use for any class except spy and engie. Use for sniper with jarate it's a good combine.

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115 The Vaccinator

Provides faster über charge rate and has a undercharge that last 4 times making that medic and his patient invincible.

This is one of the swaggiest melees around. Of course, the frying pan and gold are both cooler than the ham shank, but the ham shank is a good alternative if you don;t have those.

Give huge resistance to damage especially with uber charge
Can keep team mates alive and allow them to sweep enemys like they are nothing

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116 The Backpack Expander

LOL I got it by a gift stuffed stocking and still didn't used it

You spent 3 trillion dollars of real money on a game backpack?

It is extremely damaging cost three trillion dollars so good luck affording it

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117 Glass Bottle

Use it when your using a sticky launcher. Unless you use the pan or something.

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118 Hitman's Heatmaker

It might have a weak body shot rating but body shots are just for noobs this weapon can take a massive hole out of the enemy's health points with a headshot and not to mention it can take enemy's heads right off.

Encourages players to improve their aim, because body shots aren't as effective anymore. Encourage all of your Machina noob friends (By the way, somehow the Machina is #2 on the list :O) becuae this is the best headshot-practice weapon. Also, if you have good aim, it is better than the stock sniper.

119 Crit-a-Cola

The bonk for attacking. It's AMAZING.

120 Gunboats

This can be devastating to the enemy. Especially If you can get behind them. Best combined with the Stock launcher, or direct hit, and the escape plan.

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