they are through to the final and they have beat some of the best sides (except for netherlands) and havnt lost a single game (including qualifying) - carrac111

Holland are playing great this year especially with sneijder, van persie and robben, they havnt won it yet and I belive they should this year. - Jhrwwe

Holland The best TEAM in the World Cup 2010. HOLLAND will be The CHAMPION, the BEST TEAM winning ALL the GAMES till now in this WORLD - CUP

Netherlands has the best players of the world cup of this year and I think they will win the final agains Spain... LOVE U NETHERLANDS!

I like the Netherlands because they play very well, but don't have that arrogant attitude like lame Brazil has.

midfield is overloaded with talent and any team that beats brasil should at least be in the top 3

Best country for raising soccer legands like van pirsie shnider robben ect my favorite team

The best team! Spain won only when Netherlands was playing with 10 players and only at 117'!

netherlands have been the form team of the world cup and have won every game.

Netherlands should've won but Robben missed the chance ;( - STANCAKE

argentina and brazil are out now! hahahaha go Holland! - Jhrwwe

They beat Brazil thats y they need to given respect...

they are underated thats scary watch out its our year

Netherlands are in the final and they are gonna win it

the flyingdutchmen will win the worldcup 2010

Netherlans.. best team ever in this season

very fast and deadly counter attacks

the best brazil are going to lose

Come on Netherlands is the best! Great defenders, superb midfield-ROBBEN, SNEIJER and a superb striker - ROBIN VAN PERSIE! What else can I say? It's a superb team and country!

Van Persie Van der Vaart Sneijder Huntalaar De Jong Van Nistelrooy