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21 Bolton Wanderers FC

Bolton are so cool! I go lots of times!

Awesome team!

22 Sheffield Wednesday FC

Should be the best team in the prem apart from every team in the prem and championship and league 1 and league 2

One of the most dominating teams of the 90's

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23 Reading FC

, Reading are 13th, just like the fan shirt

24 Nottingham Forest FC

They may not be very good now but under Brian Clough they won the Title once and the European Cup (a.k.a. the Champions League) twice

25 Weston-super-Mare A.F.C.

Haters will say other teams are better.

What team is this?

26 Watford F.C.

Far more organised than Leicester city, just haven't been as lucky

I can't believe that they can beat man united

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27 Norwich City
28 Derby County FC

I support Tottenham but my nan supports derby I derby county in the top league

29 Blackpool FC V 1 Comment
30 Bedford

Warburton warburton derby day come on you Bees

31 Hull City AFC
32 Heskey FC

Not even a team dumb head

33 Birmingham City FC
34 Luton FC
35 Burnley F.C.
36 Salford City F.C.
37 Milton Keynes Dons FC

Not a real football club.

They are a team not in premier league though

Most unpopular team in the UK. Club stealers

38 Burton Albion FC Burton Albion FC
39 Northampton V 1 Comment
40 Wilstead
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