Best Teams of UEFA 2012


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1 Real Madrid (Spain) Real Madrid (Spain)

Best team in the world! Espcially with their new player, Luka Modric, And Also Essien.

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2 Bayern Munchen (Germany)
3 Chelsea (England) Chelsea (England)

The best team ever! They said to be out from the 1st ko round but they've made it to the finals!

I think chelsea is the berst team in the World. Especially with their new coach JOSE MOURINHO

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4 Barcelona (Spain)

The best team in the world this team would go in the first position but in 2006 the team was very strong no one can beat this team in 2006 but in 2012 this team is strong not so strong than in 2006 but best of luck to this team

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5 AC Milan (Italy)
6 Inter. (Italy)
7 Arsenal (England) Arsenal (England)
8 Manchester City (England) Manchester City (England)
9 Juventus (Italy) Juventus (Italy)
10 Manchester United (England) Manchester United (England) Manchester United Football Club is a professional football club based in Old Trafford, Greater Manchester, England, that competes in the Premier League, the top flight of English football.

Man UTD is the best team in the truly speaking we deserved to be in first place despite crashing out of the UEFA qualifiers and loosing the league cup to Man City.

Top team, surely man utd should be 3rd or 4th for their performance in the last couple of years. United were unlucky to not win anything in 2012.

He best team ever! They said to be out from the 1st 2011 ko round but they've made it to the finals!
MU is the best of the best team
Sir alex fergoson is best manager and
Wayne rooney is best striker

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1. Bayern Munchen (Germany)
2. Real Madrid (Spain)
3. Chelsea (England)



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