Best Teams of the UEFA Euro 2012


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1 Spain

Spain clearly become the dominating team of the world. It has reserves that could fill up another team that could compete with everyone.
Now, by winning Euro 2012 it retained the European title and become the first team to win three mayor tournaments: Euro 2008, World Cup 2010, Euro 2012 - MatrixGuy

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2 Germany

Germany has a great team, but it's very young and not experienced enough to win great titles yet. But in the last 4 great tournaments they reached at least semi-finals. In future they're going to be what Spain is now. - darksky

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3 Italy
4 Portugal

Portugal would have won the EURO if Spain wasn't so protected by the referees, platini, an co. Spain won Croatia unfairly

Portugal have such a great team. And the people have to see that Portugal isn't only Ronaldo, but have others great players just like moutinho, coentrao, pepe and nani! And Portugal have done a great game against Spain!

5 England
6 Czech Republic
7 Greece
8 Croatia

I am not a Croatia fan usually, but what these guys made this time was spectacular. I was really impressed and thoroughly entertained by them. They had a great coach and numerous fantastic players. It is a shame to be cheated out of the competition like they were.

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9 France
10 Russia

The Contenders

11 Netherlands
12 Ukraine
13 Sweden
14 Poland

Lewandoski is the champion in borussia dortmunt

15 Ireland
16 Denmark
17 Palestine
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1. Spain
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1. Germany
2. Italy
3. Spain
1. Italy
2. Germany
3. Portugal

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