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Yes, there IS a difference of quality in tech decks, and here's a list of them.

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1 Plan B

nice plain graphics sometimes you don't need to have a lot going on
good performance!

Good graphics, good concave, good pop, light decks, good griptape...

Plan b They rule. No doubt bout it! Sick graphics good wheels smooth riding and good handling

Yeah! Plan B is the best!

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2 Element

element tech decks are really light and have good concave - maxignatyev

This brand is really good light weight and detailed pictures and very easy to do tricks my wi and a very good brand and ver amazing

Elements are just good tech decks because they are easy to do tricks with great grip tape wheels trucks and graphics this is why I think element is the best by far.

lit board

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3 Birdhouse

Good Pop, and It's easy to pull tricks. And Griptape is very sticky

first tech deck company/sponser

Wicked boards and home to the stupendous gob machine, yes man!

It is ok, Not the best

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4 Darkstar

I have a dark star one its pree cool bit it's a bit old and the bolts are a bit rusty which is weird because it's never been wet planning to get a new one soon I got my first one when I was in yr 3 and now I'm in yr 9 and it's ok I guess

Darkstar is king.

Guys these are the best they pop amazingly they are light a a feather and have great concave come on VOTE DARKSTAR

They have a nice pop and are easy to do tricks with

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5 Flip

Flip personally I thinks the best simply because it's easy to do tricks on and the weight is light and awesome graphics

Flip is simply the best because they are rely good to do the best tricks on they are madly perfect for all of the tricks get a flip with any trick you will be able to do all tricks with no confidence at all flips will get you to do all the tricks there is it will take any think you throw at it

I have a flip mark appleyard. Its so cool! The wheels, trucks, board etc. Are very resistant. And it has 10 stickers so in the pack are many stickers.
Flip rocks!

I love them and the graphics

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6 Blind

best tech deck I own is a blind I cant't get over how cool they are!

Blind is definitely the best Tech Deck at landing. Yo show them how a proper Tech-decker does it, and land the best tricks; you will be a master in no time!

sick, I love blinds in fact I own a real blind bloody original! - blindsk8ter

I like blind because its very cool

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Nice feel and easy to get some air into tricks! My personal favourite not based on the best is Darkstar for many reasons!

Old-fashioned board with really good grip tape and pop - Birdhouse

DGK is the best to do a flip on! All the tricks you can do are easy. It feels good the two ca do lot of stuff an th it s the

This brand is fun to collect

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8 Black Label

Black label rocks I can easily do a sick trick. Because of Black label I got a lot of sick trick that I can do like:fakie varial heelflip, anti casper and casper, anti casper to impossible... YEAH BLACK LABEL ROCKS! WOO

My ones got wicked grip tape red wheels and gold trucks and thths how I bought it. It's one of the best tech decks to do tricks on

This is one tech deck that you want to buy. Really feel it on your fingers when you're doing tricks - Birdhouse

Best board I like it

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9 World Industries

world industrie boards are light can ollie higher than plan B and the picture is more slippery and grind easier

World Industries rocks because it does awesome flips and tricks, and has sick graphics.

Cool graphics nice ollie, smooth wheels good trick

Buy the world industries tech decks there fun to collect

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10 Toy Machine

Pretty much the same quality as Plan B - Birdhouse

Toy machines are very valuable boards and they are colorful. Toy machines rock.
Best board.

Toy machine may be a little heavy but it can do hardcore tricks

The best the graphic of these boards are funny

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The Contenders

11 Alien Workshop

This is not where an alien workshop should be. The only Tech deck above it is Element. Plan B is not the number one skateboard.

Rob Dyrdek Is the owner of this brand and I for one think this is really good. It is the best. - techdeck

1st, alien workshop ar amazing I've got loads and they have really good pop and really light and when you grind the graphics don't scratch off!

I have rare alien workshop grip tape (blue & black) and I think it's the best grip tape ever! So I think alien workshop should be at the top!

It's great brand I love it

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12 Finesse

Finesse is the best board because it has the best pop. Like doing a pop shove it the board makes it very easy. Or doing a three sixty pop shove it as I said a finesse board gives it the best pop. I am only writing this much because it says my writing is poor. Vote for finesse and keep finger boarding.

I have a finesse tech deck its well good its got purple and white wheels and silver trucks and its easy to do tricks with and its good for beginners and you all should get one because it has a good board and good quality.

I don't know why.. This is needed but.. The only thing here is the design on the board itself.. And finesse is what I vote for.. Because it has a cool designs.

This is a underrated brand a hidden gem

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13 Habitat

Good pop, nice graphics just an overall good board that many beginners and pros would like to have one. I have one and I think there really good, so as I'm saying its a great style.

This is a hidden gem in the skateboard world

This Tech deck is the best!

I have one it is the best in scate parks

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14 Zero

awsom super to alienworkshop I like this tech dech a lot - thefishskater

Easy to make a ollie for the noob! And also nice graphics and easy to bring any where. Can make a skill any where!

Jamie Thomas and Chris Cole are skateboarding royalty. Period.

Zero tech decks have bad grip tape

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15 Girl

They rock! They have goo graphics and great grip tape! Girl should be 6 place. You should get girl

I'm just a beginner but I can already Ollie over my leg because it has great pop

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16 Zoo York

Awesome tech deck great for flips, grinds and any trick had a darkstar and it sucks

Really good nice design with really light has a really good feel and pop to it

Best board ever good pop and flip

A really good board

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17 Ground Zero

I heard ground zero were made to raise money for sept 11

This brand is great

18 Almost

Light deck good designs and trick master

Good boards I have the superhero edition I have flash

They are one of the first tech deck company

Nice design good as good :)
And wheel design also are very impressive

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19 Organika

One of the best tech decks love them

Yes a really good brand

20 Bridhouse

Cool design!

They got good grapics prtetty light good graptape - zachsmith

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