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41 Think

I have a think board which I have had since I was about four years old and I have never seen one like it. It doesn't make that rattling sound when you pop it and land a trick. I love it

They don't make many think boards, but when they do, they are really good designs

42 Chocolate

These boards are really great they have good pop and nice graphics. I would definitely recommended a chocolate board to anyone who has not tried one

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43 Krooked

Nice simple board good for trying techdech out. Dosen't last as long as other boards mine is a bit bent only after a couple months plus wobbly wheel. Nice designs though.

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44 Ganika

Ganika is amazing I got a White outlined instead of orange Ganika Skateboard and all my friends want it! It is signed by Karl Watson and has a Parrot on the back

45 City Skateboards

Mine is the best, the way it pops off the ground its awesome you should get one!

46 Skateboarding Is Not a Crime

I got one of these and it sick great grip and really nice graphics they definitely desrve to be in the top 10 in my books!

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47 Creation

Great center of balance.

Never fails.

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48 City Star
49 Street League
50 Blue Print

Nice decks awesome graphics and easy to do tricks with

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51 Jart Skateboards
52 Reliance

Awesome Graphics, great pop. Overall, in the top 5.

53 Bullet

It was my first tech and I feel that it was easy to do olies and kickflips they are very light and have really good and detailed pictures. That is way I think they should be at tops 5-9

54 Mystery
55 Lightning

Strong Smooth wheels easy to handle AWESOME Skin and good graphic gnarly dude

56 Bird House
57 Hookup

Great anime graphics and colored trucks. Awesome for tricks.

The graphics stand out

58 ATM V 1 Comment
59 Primitive

-It is very light, you can do many tricks on this fingerboard.
-It has also good quality, it is really comfortable to do tricks with.
-It also looks clean and good looking, for beginners you can do a lot of fingerboard tricks and you can learn a lot of new tricks so it is really good. I recommend to buy this type of fingerboard, so... ENJOY using this type of Tech Deck.

60 Kick
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