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1 All 6's And 7's

Tech gets better with age

Am I A Psycho, Worldwide Choppers, Mental Giant, So Lonely, I Love Music, Love Me Tomorrow, Mama Nem, and Promiseland. Techs best yet. Period.

2 K.O.D.

I know tech hates it, but I love it... Sorry Tech. - Mellowship_Slinky

The darkest tech album yet blackened the sun, low, and K.O.D. are my top 3 songs on this album

Listen here bro!

A new,POWERFUL sound. A Great sound - guizpom

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3 Special Effects

If Eminem wouldn't have collaborated with tecca Nina I wouldn't have discoverered this genius and wouldn't have listened to speedom along with this album and all the other albums. After Eminem techn9ne is my 2nd favorite rapper (but honestly techn9ne is as good as eminem)

This is one of the albums that shows his willingness to cross genres and do it with an interesting approach. Not to mention the only album to include an Eminem verse, combined with insight into thoughts of losing a loved one. It's a very powerful album packed with lots of emotion. A personal favorite It's hard to go wrong with this album. Love the skits thrown in.

This has to be the best album so far even though it is his newest. All of techs albums get better and better each time!

Absolutly amazing album, expesially after how long he's been in the industry, most people start to fade. Tech proving he's stronger then ever!

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4 Everready: The Religion

No can do for the win

5 Killer

Killer is the best because it has the best songs

A double disc album full of great songs. Definitely one of his best of not the best. Like yeah, everybody move, the waitress, happy ending, psycho bitch 2 etc etc

6 Absolute Power

Beast seller for a reason

7 Strangeulation
8 Sickology 101

This is Tech's party album, one that you can jam out to anywhere you go. It showed his changing style while still tapping into the stuff that made him famous.

Has some really good songs

This album should be #1 I like the song AM A PYCHO ft HOPSPIN and B.O. B

9 Anghellic

Good stuff vintage tech

Anghellic is the best in My opinion

Sick classic

10 Bad Season

The Newcomers

? N9na

The Contenders

11 Something Else

It has great songs, like Strange 2013, Straight Out The Gate, Fragile etc. some great featured artists and others not so great, honestly he should work with more independent artist for the next album!

This should be in at least top 5

The whole album was good

12 Welcome to Strangeland

This album is great, 2 best songs are unfair and who do I catch

Atmospheric, lyrics and soulfull

13 Calm Before the Storm
14 The Storm

This album is supposed to reflect the aspects of Tech's personality. Not to mention some great features

15 Misery Loves Kompany


16 The Worst
17 Planet

This album really has everything he got speed and his rhymes are flawless

Don't Nobody Want None

18 Anghellic: Reparation

This album is near perfect in my opinion. I love the horror theme of this album and just the whole feel of it is great.

19 Celcius
20 Vintage Tech
21 Strangeulation Vol. II
22 Therapy

His best album so far!

One of his best.If not the best

23 The Gates Mixed Plate
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1. Killer
2. All 6's And 7's
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1. Killer
2. All 6's And 7's
3. Everready: The Religion
1. All 6's And 7's
2. Strangeulation
3. Special Effects

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