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21 The Beast

Love this song! Tech N9ne is sick. Such a great beat and cool lyrics. Just pumps me up!

It is one of his best songs, great beat and lyrics

First song I heard of his, not a fan of many but this is top 5

Tech n9ne is "The Beast"

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22 Over It
23 Welcome to the Midwest

Supa hot fire

My rapper group list

24 Imma Tell

Should be higher

25 Midwest Choppers

Why the crap is it at 41 the is 1 of tech n9nes bests songs ever

Tech's verse was fantastic. The others were kind of a letdown in comparison...

26 K.O.D.

For awhile I didn't like it but then all of a sudden it became one of my favorite...I don't know why

27 Aw Yeah? (Intervention)

By far this should be number two

Yeah, Tech absolutely goes in. I'm legitimately surprised why this isn't higher. - SwagFlicks

It should be number 1

Aw Yeah? has a beautiful eeire tone and an incredible message

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28 Who Do I Catch

This is what made me begin listening to Tech. Definitely one of his greater songs.

Great song and one of my favorites of all time.

First verse is absolutely legendary

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29 Devil Boy
30 I'm a Playa

This is a highly underrated playa's anthem.

Best Song In The World By Tech N9ne

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31 The Noose

Mayday is a ggreat group and the cchorus is ttheir's and the first verse shows you how religion holds us back from thinking outside the box and from questioning certain things that don't make much sense. Search for ( Rusty cage-there isn't any).

This is certainly Tech N9ne's best song.
With wrekonise and berniz providing 2 verses talking about the cruelity of this world and tech n9ne verse talking about the soldiers who sacrifice their life for their country, it makes this tech N9ne's best song pluus the beat and the hook are amazzing

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32 Show Me a God

This video is a must see. This man is crying out to god for answers. Simply amazing.

Will always be in my top ten favorite tech songs.

33 Come Gangsta

Dope song to ski to. Brings out the inner gangsta in me

This is my personal top song great song

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34 Areola
35 Like Yeah

Tech's most fun song. That beat just pumps you up and the party-ready lyrics are awesome!

Should be way higher I don't understand why it's so LOW

This should be 1

36 Pornographic

Dope and silly song, snoop kills it at his verse

37 B.I.T.C.H.

I don't understand how this isn't top ten!

How is this not on the list...

love it

Come on Tech N9ne fans should know that this deserves top ten
It is his funnest and catchiest song of all time

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38 Paint a Dark Picture

Awesome beats, awesome flow of tech n9ne... Definitely gives that dark feeling.

39 Strange Music Box

Not the best but still beast

40 What If It Was Me?

Incredible song, so personal, and one of the best verses that I have ever heard by Krizz Kaliko, just an amazing song in general.

Easily the second best by tech in terms of material.

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