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1 Human - Death

People who don't like this lack comprehension.

This album is amazing. It is probably the best Death Metal album of all time. - Rambles

Its an amazing Prog Death Album, but its definitely not "Technical". Many think Progressive and Technical means the same thing, but actually its not, it just overlaps very often.
While Death's later albums are certainly not Technical but Progressive, e.g. Nile/Suffocation are certainly Technical but not very Progressive.

Nevertheless: Great album.
Just doesn't fit here in my opinion. - Flav

2 Epitaph - Necrophagist

Human by death cannot be as technical as this what hell people this should be #1

3 Annihilation of the Wicked - Nile

This and Epitaph should be #1 and #2. The only Death album that should be on here is Human.

The best ever Technical Death Metal album.

Amazing album!

4 Spiritual Healing - Death

How the h3ll Spiritual Healing is Technical Death Metal? It's a 100% Death Metal album. - GREYBOYY

This is called Death Metal, not Technical Death Metal.

5 None So Vile - Cryptopsy

None so Brutal. Period...

Truly a vile album. Structurally and technically amazing.

6 Unquestionable Presence - Atheist

Master class jazzy death metal. Insane album.

7 Individual Thought Patterns - Death
8 Winds of Creation - Decapitated

Incredible album and even more incredible regarding that the band members were circa 16 y/o, when they recorded this... - Flav

9 Pierced From Within - Suffocation

Technical death at it's best. This album hits you like derailed train.

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10 Focus - Cynic

One of my favourite debut albums! - IronSabbathPriest

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11 Cosmogenesis - Obscura
12 Symbolic - Death

This is the best album on the list, but it isn't tech death. In fact, it's kinda hard to categorize this. It has elements of prog, death, thrash and trad and even doom, but its all more atmospheric than most of the stuff in those genres. - Caleb9000

13 Reign Supreme - Dying Fetus
14 Polarity - Decrepit Birth
15 Onset of Putrefaction - Necrophagist
16 Agony - Fleshgod Apocalypse
17 The Sound of Perseverance - Death

"Behold, the flesh and the power it holds! " *Epic riff*

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18 Obscura - Gorguts
19 Scepter of the Ancients - Psycroptic
20 Effigy of the Forgotten - Suffocation
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1. Annihilation of the Wicked - Nile
2. None So Vile - Cryptopsy
3. Cosmogenesis - Obscura
1. Human - Death
2. The Sound of Perseverance - Death
3. None So Vile - Cryptopsy
1. Focus - Cynic
2. Symbolic - Death
3. Pierced From Within - Suffocation

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