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61 Zara

They have some cute stuff

62 Sam's

Scarves are so soft and are so pretty

Their cashmere scarfs are so comfy

Their scarves are the best!


V 2 Comments
63 Uniqlo V 2 Comments
64 Free People
65 Southern Tide
66 Under Armour

My teens love this brand. They love everything from accessories to sports wear. I have only purchased a few things that I felt were not good quality. Most of the items purchased seem to be pretty good quality.
Con: Pretty expensive

67 Hermes

Simply hot and killing even tyga wears it

Very good silk

68 Roxy

There are also school supplies. - playstationfan66

69 Dotti
70 Active
71 So
72 River Island
73 Selfridges
74 Alcott
75 Boohoo
76 Miss Selfridge
77 Puma Puma

My teens love puma everything! Shoes, cleats, athletic wear, back packs,...basically anything they can find. Great quality...a little too pricey.

78 Desigual
79 Fred Perry

They sell classy clothing

80 Ben Sherman
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