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1 Haunted

Super intense, especially that quiet moment in the room, where Raven tries to see Slade through Robin's eyes, and suddenly Slade appears and hits Robin, but the hit effects Raven too. It must have been so intense for Star, Cy and Beast Boy, in a room all quiet, watching Raven meditate, then Raven cries out and hits the floor! Fantastically intense, this is a truely amazing episode

This episode is great because it tests Robin's ability to let go. I enjoy it because it reminds me of Apprentice as well and is very deep and sad. The first time I watched it the episode was hard to follow but after watching it many times I understand the full meaning.

I loved this episode so much. I introduced a bunch of question that kept you hooked onto the show. It had so much action and emotion and was one of the deepest episodes.

I haven't seen this one yet. It got the highest rating on IMDb out of all the episodes, I'll have to watch it.

2 The Beast Within

My absolute favorite episode of Teen Titans! The introduction is simple enough, however, the episode quickly becomes more complex. The small details are each thoughtfully placed to give a real sense of suspense and even fear on the Titans part, for example, the dog being afraid of him after Beast Boy finally snaps during his battle with Adonis immediately sends a clear message to the audience that something is wrong. The tension between Beast Boy and the other Titans, especially Raven, is very clear and his claims of innocence add to that very nicely. The plot twist is one of the most well-executed in the series, and this episode supports the BBRae ship, so how could I not love it? Overall, a very well written and an extremely well execution of what is possibly the best Teen Titans episode to date that is definitely worth a watch.

This episode is pretty good but I never understood why Beast Boy had to save Raven from Adrios in the first place. Raven has a defense or attack for nearly everything Adrios' were-form could do. Why did Raven have to be saved?

This episode was my introduction to the series and the reason why Beast Boy is my favorite character.

Awesome episode! My favorite one. They really should bring the originals back to CN.

3 The End

This episode was great. It was so adorable when Robin gave 6-year old Raven a piggy-back! However, the 'enemy of my enemy is my friend' element with Slade wasn't true. I think he crossed the never ever friend line 3 seasons before this

Unlike Teen Titans vs Justice League where Trigon was the big bad, at least he HAD a personality in this series.

Then Nega versions of Starfire, Cyborg and Beast Boy looked so cool! I'd love to see a Nega Raven, and Robin too.

This was just too much. As a child I remember watching this twice a week. I thaught it was so deep and great.

4 How Long Is Forever?

This episode always makes me kinda sad... Even though it has a happy ending, it does bring up a subject that no one really likes to think about - our beloved main characters separating. And there is some weight to that thought because you know, they won't be teens forever... What will happen to the team as they grow up?

This one was a bit too foreboding for me, but I understand why the comments below are positive. I personally think Star fell into an alternate dimension were she doesn't come back to the present, and the others were too sad to continue the team (personal opinion)

Just such an interesting take on the future of the world's youngest super heroes. My absolute favorite episode.

I think all episodes of teen titans are great,but this episode is one of my favourite.

5 Nevermore

The most notable episode. The deepest... When I reminisce on my childhood, one of the most vivid mental pictures is Raven's father against the backdrop that is Raven's mind

This is the episode where the series goes from "good" to "AMAZING". This is my favorite episode so far. I haven't seen "Haunted" yet.

The title is a pun. Edgar Allen Poe poem "Raven" is about a raven that says like nevermore or something. A for pun, dude.

I love this episode because it shows how I think.

6 Fear Itself

Lol the way beast boy gets taken

This one is really good!

7 Aftershock

The two-part episode shows how dangerous and powerful the Titans can be when determined to stop a criminal. What makes it more remarkable is their forgiveness to a friend who sacrificed herself when she turned against her former master.

Slade sucks. Terra was truely the awesome one here as she kills Slade, even though he gets resurrected (Slade getting resurrected is good because it means he can get killed a second time

Yes! Terra and Slade were amazing here... Easily most exciting and nerve raking episode

I was considering all of it, but the dramatic organ music and fighting was awesome!

8 Calling All Titans

This one is great! All the titans brought together in one place for an epic showdown against all their enemies. I just die when Beast Boy says " Titans Together" the only reason I don't claim it as one of my favorite episode is because I want to cry in it because I know the end is coming. I just hate to see good T.V. shows that I get attached to end.

In the last scene, when Beast Boy blows up the That makes this possibly the best episode in the WORLD ✨✨✨ BEAST BOY WAS AWESOME IN IT.

9 The Quest

The True Master is hilarious! Rule: get to the temple before dark. Reason: "too dark to see the paths, is it's nothing? " So Funny!

This one is funny when Robin comes back and says " the mask makes me feel cool too Robins"

ALL episodes are great, especially this one.

Great stuff.

10 Mad Mod

I just shuddered when Raven replied to Star's question on what Mad Mod did to her. Raven answered 'Gym'. So shudder-worthy

It's so funny " I will not read your book of meanniss and swirl"- Starfire

One of the funniest episodes of the series, I love Malcom McDowell’s performance as Mad Mod in this episode.

Great one as well!

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11 Revolution

All of those Beatles' references were really funny, too.

I think its racist...

All those Monty Python references, such as the Monty Python foot stepping on the titans, and Mad Mod appearing in the sky- Always cracks me up

12 Winner Take All

It proves that Robin is the strongest male titan

But nobody really defeated Cyborg, he was disqualified because he figured out something was off about the tournament.

I hate this episode! Robin's a total s*!#face

Man, I love this episode.

This episode was fun but I really wanted to see the female contest side of it at the end, so the episode wouldn't be sexist

13 Apprentice

Did anybody see the badass flying ninja bird kick Raven does to Beast Boy in part 2? It proves Raven isn't just a feminin fighter and she can do close combat just as well as Robin, when she blocks all of his punches in a mini-bout they had using small force fields

I love these episode because they challenge their friendship and it makes the first season even better. to be honest the first season had the best episodes. I could watch apprentice ll everyday

I love this episode the most out of all of them because I have a 5 second long good feeling when Robin gets tortured but don't ask why.

Beat episodes ever! I love serious and borderline obsessive Robin. That scene where he just destroys all of the Sladebots is the best!

14 Hide and Seek

Wonderful! I loved the episode. I understand Raven a bit more, too.
Tons of action!

15 X

This episode saw the return of Red X, one of the biggest, most badass challenges that the titans faced. It's also note worthy that Robin gave a dark narrative in this episode and that Red X can now fit the role as an anti-hero

No idea for why this episode is 33rd on this list. I mean, Red X's sass is unrivalled. Legit the sassiest, I mean, he says to Starfire: 'The only crime here is that you and I haven't gone on a date' right in front of Robin!

Robin must fight his past failings and the line between hero and villain is blurred

My least favorite, actually.

16 Don't Touch That Dial

Very Funny Episode. Love the part with Beast Boy and the Battle Droids, when he wear Raven's cloak and tries a jedi mind trick by saying an Obi-Wan Kenobi line: "You don't need to see our identifications"

Also, at the end of the episode, when the titans are all having tea, Silky is fast asleep in the basket and that is just cute.

Very Funny. Love the 'Star Wars' parody. Raven's face is priceless when Beast Boy tries to persuade the battle droids.

And you have to admit, their pet, Silkie, is cute when he's asleep.

Ahaha this episode was so funny, they traveled into the T.V. and became part of parodies of real shows/movies/other stuff, I laughed so hard.

This episode was hilarious

17 Titans Together

In loved this episode because it was awesome to finally see the entire alliance the titans had been building over the season(s) unite into a single force to take down the Brotherhood of Evil. And honestly, how can you not love it?

I like this episode because it's like a reunion of the characters in the series. It's nice to see the heroes together. And also, it made me interested to know more about the characters who just showed up at this episode, such as Chesire, Hotspot, Angel, etc.

I love this episode because you find out how all the titans met. There's some things going on between starfire and robin too! It's a must see episode of teen titans!

I like it a lot!

18 Spellbound

The only episode I did not skip a moment of. Absolutely incredible!

Raven actually cried in this episode.

Bro this episode is bomb

19 Episode 257-494

The roadrunner and coyote reference made me laugh each time

Yes. This is why control freak is my favorite villain

20 Birthmark

Whoever likes this, why do you like it? Just wanted to know. Do you like it because it made Slade better? Well, to be frank, it made him WORSE. Pathetically and randomly obeying this demon guy for no reason (and getting ressurected doesn't count, because Slade should have stayed dead). Do you like it because it makes Raven seem tough? Hey, guess what, 'utterly and hopelessly letting someone assault me' isn't the definition of 'being tough'. They're just stereotyping Raven, making her seem helpless when she was the opposite. Maybe you liked it for what Slade did to Raven? You liked her stripper-look, huh? Well guess what? That is literally the most Sexist thing I have seen In My Whole LIFE. This episode is just the dream of some sexist idiot. And guess what? I'm a BOY. I'm not a feminist girl, I am a boy who actually has a SENSE about all this stupid, wrong trash. Some Sixteen year olds are behaving like sexist twelvey flogs from this episode, and I'm 12! Stop, Bloody, Stereotyping and ...more

No. Just. No. Nearly undid my love for Teen Titans, no lie. I hate how they made Raven seem helpless to Slade! It Was Horrible.

The beginning of Raven's main arc, which was originally intended to be the final arc of the series

Has a dark tone and apocalyptic foreshadowing keeping us on our toes

21 Go!

This one is how the Titans got together? And it referenced Batman
Why is it 17th?

Seriously? The episode that shows how the titans together #19? I don' t think so!

Teen Titans first meeting which started with Starfire vs. Robin+Beastboy+Raven+Cyborg!

Who listed this episode twice

22 Revved Up

I only have one complaint for this episoide:
"What's in the case."

23 Lightspeed

This episode influenced me a LOT. It made Kid Flash my favorite character besides Beast Boy, made Flinx my main ship, made me think this episode was the best episode ever, with top 1.5 being The Beast Within; and it made me watch it for more than three times in a row...
Anyways, come on! This episode is literally the best and is supposed to be (I'm trying to respect opinions okay? I know Haunted and Nevermore were good, but I also had my own opinions) number one. It was amazing and showed me the bond between Jinx and Kid Flash. If you search "H.I.V.E Five" on Teen Titans Wiki, it would seriously say Kid Flash and Jinx were now a superhero duo or something like that. And it just took one episode

One of my favourites, I loved how this episode gave Jinx more depth than just the snotty popular bad guy. We all get to take a look at how she truly feels, shes really one of my favourite characters now. Also, Kid Flash flirting with Jinx was literally the best, "Can I get some mustard? It looks a little dry", its brilliant, who does that? Only Flinx.

Can anybody find something funnier than this? Kid Flash was hilarious! Like the comment below, this episode is all it took! I mean, when I watched it, I was just laughing so hard, especially when Kid Flash does something wrong! At the end Jinx accepts Kid Flash’s gift and the ship Kid Flinx had a boost in popularity.

Kid flash messed up the hive six, it is implied he is the strongest teen titan because of his powers, he is the most difficult to catch and he made jinx preform a heel-face turn. which resulted in madame rouges defeat in titans together, the one thing what ultimately leads to the brotherhood of evils defeat.

24 The Prophecy

Personally, this is my top episode just and only for the scene that Raven gets her revenge on Slade. The episode 'Birthmark' came close to undoing my love for Teen Titans because Slade does something incredibly gross to Raven. In the prophecy, Raven gets her revenge in the most badass way and thrashes Slade to the dirt! Loved it!

This is where Raven finally reveals who she is, but her friends stand by her side anyway. Also, it has Azarath and Arella in it. I could watch it a hundred times.

Deserves the top 10.

25 Things Change

This episode left more questions than answers, easily the worst episode.

Best. Episode. EVER. The feels were unimaginable.

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