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21 The Prophecy

Personally, this is my top episode just and only for the scene that Raven gets her revenge on Slade. The episode 'Birthmark' came close to undoing my love for Teen Titans because Slade does something incredibly gross to Raven. In the prophecy, Raven gets her revenge in the most badass way and thrashes Slade to the dirt! Loved it!

Deserves the top 10. - DaisyandRosalina

This is where Raven finally reveals who she is, but her friends stand by her side anyway. Also, it has Azarath and Arella in it. I could watch it a hundred times.

22 Things Change

This episode left more questions than answers, easily the worst episode. - DaisyandRosalina

Best. Episode. EVER. The feels were unimaginable.

23 Birthmark

Whoever likes this, why do you like it? Just wanted to know. Do you like it because it made Slade better? Well, to be frank, it made him WORSE. Pathetically and randomly obeying this demon guy for no reason (and getting ressurected doesn't count, because Slade should have stayed dead). Do you like it because it makes Raven seem tough? Hey, guess what, 'utterly and hopelessly letting someone assault me' isn't the definition of 'being tough'. They're just stereotyping Raven, making her seem helpless when she was the opposite. Maybe you liked it for what Slade did to Raven? You liked her stripper-look, huh? Well guess what? That is literally the most Sexist thing I have seen In My Whole LIFE. This episode is just the dream of some sexist idiot. And guess what? I'm a BOY. I'm not a feminist girl, I am a boy who actually has a SENSE about all this stupid, wrong trash. Some Sixteen year olds are behaving like sexist twelvey flogs from this episode, and I'm 12! Stop, Bloody, Stereotyping and ...more

No. Just. No. Nearly undid my love for Teen Titans, no lie. I hate how they made Raven seem helpless to Slade! It Was Horrible.

24 X

This episode saw the return of Red X, one of the biggest, most badass challenges that the titans faced. It's also note worthy that Robin gave a dark narrative in this episode and that Red X can now fit the role as an anti-hero

No idea for why this episode is 33rd on this list. I mean, Red X's sass is unrivalled. Legit the sassiest, I mean, he says to Starfire: 'The only crime here is that you and I haven't gone on a date' right in front of Robin!

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25 go

Seriously? The episode that shows how the titans together #19? I don' t think so!

This one is how the Titans got together? And it referenced Batman
Why is it 17th?

26 Lightspeed

One of my favourites, I loved how this episode gave Jinx more depth than just the snotty popular bad guy. We all get to take a look at how she truly feels, shes really one of my favourite characters now. Also, Kid Flash flirting with Jinx was literally the best, "Can I get some mustard? It looks a little dry", its brilliant, who does that? Only Flinx.

One episode is all it took guys.

Kid flash messed up the hive six, it is implied he is the strongest teen titan because of his powers, he is the most difficult to catch and he made jinx preform a heel-face turn. which resulted in madame rouges defeat in titans together, the one thing what ultimately leads to the brotherhood of evils defeat.

27 Masks
28 Fractured

Oh there you are, Perry

29 Cyborg the Barbarian


30 Titans East
31 Stranded

Starfire and Robin end up stranded in an alien planet and of course a guy and a girl stranded = romantic developments.

It was a good developmental and humorous episode. There was definite Starfire x Robin moments which I ship and love, and there was the running gag of the aliens treating Raven like a queen which was adorable, and then cyborg and Bb working together and the difference in intelligence was great

32 Divide and Conquer
33 Final Exam
34 Homecoming
35 For Real

LOL! loved it best episode because it has humor and I relate to speedy because I can get mistaken with people! and they add weird couples like bbstar and aquabee (no offense)

36 Deception
37 Betrayal
38 40%40%20%

This is Teen Titans GO. But I do think this should have been an episode of the original.

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39 Switched

Really good episode showcasing the bond between Starfire and Raven.

40 Every Dog Has His Day
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