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61 Jaden Smith Jaden Smith V 1 Comment
62 Rebecca Black Rebecca Black Rebecca Black is "well known" for her "hit" single, "Friday", which has the second most dislikes on YouTube .

Oh my gosh! Her friday song ks the best! She os amazing! You guys should check her out!

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63 Swae Lee

A lot of singers in this list are either not teenagers or awful. He is neither of those. Getting him to qualify in the list. Makes good music with his older brother Slim Jimmy, known by a duo as Rae Sremmurd. - SelfDestruct

64 Emily Harder

Top female YouTube teen singer for many years.

65 Jacob Whitesides

He should be higher. His voice is good and sweet

66 Jai Waetford

I love Jai's singing and his songs are always amazing. One of his songs,'your eyes', is one of my FAVORITE songs.

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67 Lauren Cimorelli

I love Lauren's clothing style, plus she's a really good singer and rapper too

Lauren deserves to be at the top of this list

This girl is absolutely wonderful in everything she does. She's beautiful and very talented indeed, please vote for Lauren. Love ya Lauren x

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68 Malcolm Brickhouse

This guy is awesome! He's only 13, and he sounds just as good as James Hetfield! - NikBrusk

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69 Jojo Jojo

Some of the best songs when she debuted back in the early 2000's...loved her collab with Bow Wow!

70 Ethan Karpathy

Because, he's been through so much hate. You know, he's been called an f boy, he's been given hate about being in a relationship with one of the kindest girls, been told to kill himself etc. Yet, even after all of this has taken place, he's still standing strong, being a teen heartthrob, doing what he loves. We love you Ethan, please don't ever forget that. ❤️

71 Jake Bugg Jake Bugg

Jake Bugg is absolutely brusting with talent. His voice is so different. You don't see a voice like him very often. He is a beast.
I think he is rated so low because people actually don't know about him. But once you start listening to him, there is no going back.

72 Dana Duffey

SInger of Metal band Mythic, she formed the band when she was only 18 but shes older now.

73 Abraham Mateo

He's so gorgeous and his voice is so amazing, you can't say no!

74 Isabelle Santistevan
75 Jacob Latimore
76 Calum Hood Calum Hood

The cutest member of 5 seconds of summer whose got look and voice both. Love you lots.

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77 India Jade Havers
78 Trevor Moran
79 Ricky Dillon V 1 Comment
80 Reed Deming

His voice is amazing

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