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1 Teens React to Slender

Ok so I wasn't supposed to up too late so I decided to watch Teens React To Slender because it looked funny. I found out it is possible to be terrified of a made up man and be amused at the same time! I could barely keep myself silent. Then again all of the Terns React videos are like that except for the more serious ones of course. Teens React is AMAZING!

When they are playing games I feel creepy and goosebumps always get my neck... And when Adam lose that shock me haha :D

I loved watching their reactions as they played Slender!

Teens react to slender is so funny! Especially when all of them die and stuff it is down right halerious! And it introdouced me to a great game.

2 Teens React to S*** Girls Say
3 Teens React to Salad Fingers
4 Teens React to the Honey Badger
5 Teens React to Jenna Marbles

I thought yay! I get to watch reactions to a hot youtuber

6 Teens React to Toddlers & Tiaras

Love Rumor's reaction, "Should beauty pageants be cancelled? " "No because then I wouldn't have Toddler's and Tiaras."

You beta Redneckognize Honey Boo Boo child'!

7 Teens React to Prank vs Prank

I loved this video because it was Tori's first episode and I have a huge crush on her

I can't say anything it was awesome

8 Teens React to Election 2012

Romney should have won he was really coll haha I'm cool

9 Teens React to Philip DeFranco
10 Teens React to FPS Russia

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11 Teens React to Happy Wheels

So funny. - PatrickStar3

12 Teens React to Nirvana
13 Teens React to Epic Rap Battles of History
14 Teens React to Bullying (Amanda Todd)

I loved this episode, everyone was so mature and I cried too when Lia cried...

15 Teens React to Dumb Ways to Die
16 Teens React to Nintendo (NES)
17 Teens React To My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

The whole thing about Bronies was hilarious!
And Adam cracked me up, he was so funny.

18 Teens React to Ylvis - The Fox

I loved alix's reaction

19 Teens React to Thrift Shop (Macklemore)
20 Teens React to Newton School Shooting
21 Teens React to Prom
22 Teens React to Hunger Games (Movie Trailers)
23 Teens React to Outlast

My favorite gaming series. I love how they get scared when the ogre comes and Adam with his repeated 10 times. - hhrox6667

24 Teens React to Beck Music Videos
25 Teens React to Anaconda (Nicki Minaj)

Ethen, lol

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