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1 Rachel

She has smart opinions, she's downright honest, she's unique with her expressions, and God Damn it her face and voice just makes me go ballistic! What's not to like?

She is just so smart and very beautifull.

Love her so much! Smart is the new sexy haha

She's really hot

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2 Lia

She has a very cute laugh and very entertaining facial expressions. I love how she has a big heart and she is very compassionate.

I love her! She's always so positive and smiling!

She's the best! She makes me want to watch teens react more and more! :) Keep it strong Lia!

She's really hot. I miss her on youtubers react where she hasn't appeared on since

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3 Victor

Victor because he's really cute and has a sexy voice

I know him. I go to school with him he's a really nice guy, plus he's cute.

He seems to be a very calm and independent man (someone you would want to chill out with). He also has an awesome sense of humor. He also has a sexy voice and is quite handsome/charismatic.

Voice is so deep and got nice reactions

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4 Eric

He says really funny comments and never fails to make me laugh. He also says really intelligent things in an amusing way.

I love him more and more now. He never fails to make me laugh and he is just so cool. He is definitely like my best friend if I knew him personally

He's really funny, cool, cute and Awesome :D He's one one of my favorites

He's just so hot... Please help me, I love him so much...

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5 Madison

She's really beautiful and smart!

Because she's the hottest

She's smart, insightful and tells awesome jokes after almost every teens react video! Hands Down! Enough Said! :D

She is smart and with bright personality. really think she should be #1.3. - hungyichao

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6 Adam

Adam is so in tune with what's going on that he says what everybody wants to hear.

Adam should be at number 1 I love him so much

Adam is so great because he always answers the questions well and he can always make me laugh. I also like how he is a bit of a geek and the way he talks is really cool too.

One of the smartest teen along with Rachel

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7 Jeannie

She's so funny and nice, and I really love her laugh! Her eyes are so pretty, and she's really stylish, and has great taste in fashion, and whatnot.

Out of all the people, Jeannie is my favorite since day one. I have a serious girl crush on her. She's just so sweet, funny and lovable! She always has something interesting to say. I also love her unique fashion style.

She's a sweet girl.

So friendly someone you could trust

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8 Tom

He's a real cutie and just seem like an awesome person. LIKE SWERVE!

How can someone be so bloody adorable?! His the type of guy who you just feel like hugging all the time.._. Maybe I have a problem. And in all the scary game videos, the cuteness gets to this extreme level for him. His the funny nice type of person. Type of people always make me smile. Uh.. I guess I love you Tom?!

He's so adorable and is always laughing! He seems like he'd be an amazing friend as well! Love him to death!

I can't BELIVE Tom is so low!
He's absolutely AMAZING and so kawaii that my heart melts

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9 Ethan James

Ethan James is the cutest! Especially in the scary game react video's I just wanted to hug him

Totally dig his smile! And has anyone checked out his instagram.. Like I'm in love!

His reactions in the late 2014 episodes are what I live for, he's fkin hilarious

Come on, he's hilarious!

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10 Kostas

He is really really funny and shares comments on videos that most people think. And he seems really smart, which I like. I am always interested in his comments.

I just love him... He's so cute and smart

He is perfect boyfriend and friends material!

Tom has an endearing quality to him, and he also always takes positive stances on every serious issue. He has a perfect character and seems to voice my thoughts while on the show. Also, he's intelligent in both his opinions and his gaming strategies.

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11 Tori

She's different from the rest... Unique personality and she seems to know a lot about many different things. Is that enough for you?

She's young, but she's awesome. She definitely has a different look at life than most teens, and for the better. She;s definitely the most underrated

The best off all, cute charming refreshing personality!

cute one.

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12 Seth

He voice out his opinions properly and I love his reaction when he's scared or freaked out.. Plus he is a good looking fella to be honest

His smart. My personal favorite is Tom. But I think seth has awesome opinions. His like near my age so I love him. I wish we could meet and become friends.

Because he has a good speaking voice

Is it me or does he look kind of like young Leonardo DiCaprio

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13 Sam

Adorable and sassy! How could you not LOVE him?

Sassy and so smart and his sense of humor is fabulous

He makes really good points that would really make you think.

He's adorable!

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14 Brianna

She is really smart and insightful and seems to be quite dignified. She is usually the one who makes me watch Teens React.

She gives comments of good taste that have some thought behind them and is incredibly intelligent and beautiful.

She is really cute and just seems like an all-around sweetheart

She's cute so yeah

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15 Devin

The Bronie and the Dad shooting the laptop were the episodes that made me a Devin fan!

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16 Ethan

Ethan is always so funny! He seems like a really cool person. I just love how he jokes about the topics and either way everyone can laugh about it. His facial expressions are hilarious!

Ethan is so funny and AMAZING when he reacts. I loved it when it was the fault in our stars react video. Everyone else loved it or was like I might read it and he was like "ummm, yeah I'm still not reading it". I mean even John Green said he was his fave on the show! Cause he was so funny. Ethan should be at the top!

He's just so dry, it's funny. I love his reaction on "the fault in our stars" and John Green.

He is funny, friendly, smart, AMAZING

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17 Rumor

I love Rumor. She's got contradicting characteristics. She's all "Vive La Femme" but then goes fan-girly with every other guy shown. Haha.

Rumor is definitely the best. She is so funny, She likes Shane Dawson and I'm always interested in what she has to say.

Rumor is the perfect example of quirky. She may no longer be on teens react but I can watch the videos she is in and smile. She is not afraid to be different in what she looks likes or in her her opinions. Over all making her the perfect roll model for girls everywhere.

She's just so awesome. She's positive and cute and totaly adorable

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18 Labib

He is so sweet and awesome! He's the kind of person I would hang around with! Plus, he's funny!

So sweet and intelligent, he makes you smile

This dude is awesome. Such a swell, funny dude. He seems totally chill about everything and not uptight about like anything at all. He's my favourite guy anyways. But I think a few others are close.

He's so cool and sensible and makes really good points. And his weight loss story is inspiring. He seems to be the guy I would want to hang around with.

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19 Jeordy

Genuinely seems to be funny, intelligent and nice, without playing up to the cameras. The sort of person I'd get along well with in real life I think.

She is my favorite teen. I love how real she is. She has thought provoking things to say.

She's by far the smartest in the series and she's got great insights that most of the others miss.

She always manages to give a bone every time I see her reacting to something

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20 Alix

She's gorgeous and has amazing opinions on everything. And a Legend of Zelda shirt. And her tumblr is fantastic. And she has fantastic style and just she's perfect okay

She's just a total badass, she has cool glasses, hair, piercings and clothing - and her tumblr's great!

She is awesome and she is one of my favorites on teens react

She's really pretty

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