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21 Labib

He is so sweet and awesome! He's the kind of person I would hang around with! Plus, he's funny!

So sweet and intelligent, he makes you smile

This dude is awesome. Such a swell, funny dude. He seems totally chill about everything and not uptight about like anything at all. He's my favourite guy anyways. But I think a few others are close.

He's perfect!

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22 Thomas
23 Amber

She's pretty, funny, and has some of the most honest comments when it comes to viral videos.

She is so pretty and is not afraid to say what she thinks. She kinda reminds me of Riley from Kids React.

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24 Sydney

Sydney was really great. Plus, she's cute though. Liked her reaction so much.

Your a best girl lets be friends

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25 Issac

Because he's Isaac, period. Ps: he watches sponge bob, like it's SPONGE BOB.

Isaac is SO CUTE! And you can tell he's a really cool guy. (: More of Isaac!

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26 Riley

She's really hot. I miss her on teens react.

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27 Shant

Smart, calm and is in tune in what's happening in the videos he is shown. By the way, his suggestion on how to be good at Flappy Bird is priceless.

What I like about Shant is his intelligent and funny opinions. He is definitely one of the best teens in the show.

I think Shant should appear in more episodes because he is honest.

He should rank higher than this. Heck, he should be in the top 12.

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28 Morgan

She is everything I watch teen's reaction because of her

She is so funny! I love her so much

She is so pretty and funny

She is amazing

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29 Pedro
30 Everhet

He has the prettiest eyes I have ever seen. HOW COULD YOU NOT LOVE HIM! And obviously his hair is like the curliest. He is really smart, honest, funny, and he tells you how he feels like he is amazing.. He is so beautiful

Everhet is best I love him I I'm love

31 Nora

She's nice and very smart and so pretty!

She's very smart and mystical. She has quickly become one of the favourites!

32 Sophia

We love her. She is funny and says what she thinks and is so pretty.

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33 Jade

Jade was one of my favorites on teens react! She has such a great personality and relatable as well! She is someone I would love to hang out with in real life! She had very good insights on many subjects and is a major book fangirl like me :) Follow her on social media!

She's seems like a great person, and honest and she kinda reminds me of J. Lawrence :D

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34 Britney

She is awesome and funny and amazing!

35 Josh

He looked shy but I think he is a funny guy, despite the fact that he reminded me of Jade when she spoiled Catching Fire. But this time, he spoiled Attack on Titan.

He's kinda shy, but really cute, I like guys like that. Plus he's got a real nice smile.

Josh is really cute, I love him so much! And I agree: CUTEST SMILE EVER!

He Eats Ass. I like that.

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36 Kyle

He is very cute and seems pretty mature for his age. He hasn't been in many episodes, but he is definitely one of my favorites.

37 Erin

She's extremely insightful in her answers and is usually knows what she is talking about. Plus it doesn't hurt that she's super cute.

She's a smart one and yes a cutie too

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38 Jasser

He seems really honest and kind. His reactions are also hella cute!

I love his opinions on the Anaconda video

He makes really good points

He is the total best

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39 Kaelyn

She is my favorite she is so down to Earth and sweet! She is also a Christian!

40 Bryson

Bryson is awesome. He fits in perfectly on Teens React. Definitely my favorite on the series.

He's so cute and has a really pretty smile, and not to mention. His reactions are priceless

So cute and funny

Love him

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