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41 Andrew
42 Sabrina

Does anyone have any info on Sabrina? She's ultra hot.

Sabrina is like my favorite teen in teens react

She reminds me of a good friend of mine in High School. I love her so much

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43 Chelsea

She is so cute and has a beautiful voice. Her opinions are in a very didactic way and she is always happy. I love the way she dresses and her expressions are unique.

She's not in the top 10? Hello? She's one of the cutest and smartest teens on the show!

She is so smart and awesome! I mean, seriously, how is she not ranked higher!

Why is she so far down? She is the cutest, most positive person. She has to move up!

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44 Evelyn

Can't believe how gorgeous she is! So Beautiful and has an adorable smile! Not only that she is smart, insightful and funny.

Just stunning, beautiful smile combined with a great personality. Everyone, who is lucky enough to know should appreciate that fact.

Such a gorgeous person with a beautiful smile and laugh!

Does anyone know her last name

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45 Daniel

Daniel seems like a really smart, thoughtful, and handsome young man. Too bad he's a couple years younger than me :P He has great ambitions (to be a doctor) and great taste in music (Beck), not too mention his looks! I really love how he puts in his opinions with passion

Come on, why is he not in the top ten? He's intelligent, has a good taste in music, a sexy voice AND he looks pretty cute. What could you want more?

He seems so mature and chill.

A good gamer, loves rock and roll, calm and insightful.. What's not to love?

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46 Mikaela

She's the hottest woman on teens react

She is absolutely attractive. - Jimmylee

Stunningly attractive...

She's hot

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47 Becca

She is super smart and awesome, she so deserves to be higher.

Smart, gorgeus, likes books and Cowboy Bebop... come on! What more do you want?!?

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48 Rae

Cute, funny, and a fan of anime and YouTubers such as Danisnotonfire and amazingphil. She is great! Plus, she is good looking (to me at least. )

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49 Jourdan

He is really cute sometimes. And he is very funny. I like him :D

Jourdan is one of the older reacters, but I think he deserves recognition still. He was always so funny and with how he shared his opinion and it always made me laugh! :D

His reaction to why this kolaveri di made me feel like punching him right on the face! He's so hateful and negitive!

50 Troy

I went on twitter and found him and found out he had a girlfriend. I have this big crush on him and I love him to death.

Real cool kid and he is like three days younger than me. I support him since the masterchef junior.

Troy is amazing. why isn't he number 1?

He's cute and funny

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51 Olivia

Olivia we loved you on Kids React and now enjoy seeing you on Teens React. You are smart and beautiful!

Olivia is just perfect. If I would to meet her it would be an honor because she is a princess.

Olivia just transitioned from Kids React to Teens React. Love you Olivia! Always like hearing what you have to say.

Why isn't she higher on this list? So much love for liv

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52 Carlos

He is honestly the most blunt, but his reactions are either unexpected and hilarious or make you think about the video in a different level. Truly, I think he's understated and awesome.

I love him..

53 Kennedy

Shes really honest and her reactions are funny.

54 Leah

She is so cute and so funny and she is stunning.

She is beautiful and is pretty cool. - Pinkarray

55 Sergio

He is really cute and nerdy he's not on the show a lot but he is really cool and funny and he gives out good advice

56 Darius

He is so nice and funny and he is good at games he is kinda nerdy because he likes anime

57 Brooklyn
58 David
59 William
60 Elle

Elle is rock! She's so friendly and she always smiles on every video. Oh she's stunning though

I love elle she reminds me of my cousin

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