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Hwoarang is more game-breaking than Yoshimitsu will ever be. He isn't one of those cheap characters, with which you can do ultra punches with 1-2 clicks. As a beginner with him, you won't even know what the hell he (actually you) is trying to do. But as a pro, you should easily be able to beat all other characters. He has the longest combos, also the strongest kicks. And let's be realistic, at least 60% of strikes you do in this game are kicks.

I've Been Playing Teller For 10 years and when Tekken 3 came out Hwoarang and I clicked. I wasn't as good with him as I am now but after a lot of training and practices I mastered him and can wipe as with him any day on the hardest level against any player or boss I even get perfects quite often. Hwoarangs Character is good and pure and funny at times and he is a good kidz hero and older ones too. If they make more games Hwoarang should always be there. And so must he's rival Jin Kazama

Hwoarang is the UNPREDICTABLE DEMON fellows! He is immensely skilled in his art and has great power, which allows him more cockiness than usual. Has beaten jin a couple of times (maybe more, jin had to transform into his devil state to control him I believe), stopped azazel's possessing devil orb ball from possessing him, rather he destroyed it. Gameplay wise he is a total beast, hwo players would know better. Stance mixups and other! I would dedicate the song 'rebel yell' remixed to him, it just reflects his classy personality, lol.

I think Hwoarang is the best character in Tekken Series because he is cool, strong, handsome, brave, intelligent and likes his master very much. Hwoarang is pure ownage, I think Hwoarang deserves first place, Hwoarang is amazing ass cool guy.

He's better than the rest of players, although I like other characters too. but hwoarang is someone I can never let go off. he's fast and an expert at taekwondo (which I personally like). I always want to be like him, sexy and badass and strong.

I used to hate this character and never used it before but now that I'm using it for a change it's like the time I spent playing as other characters was a total waste! His moves are very good and they actually require creativity other than just button mashing to make a good combo.

Not gonna lie, Hwoarang should be number one, I mean he's one of the easiest and fastest character in the game. Not only that, but he is also probably the best juggler in this game, and the best part is... You can't touch him easily because of his combos. Hwoarang is my favorite character in this game.

Its his persona he just looks so cool. His moves are the best especially if you keep pressing the kick button he kicks really fast and can do so much damage without having you to no a massive button combo.

Hwoarang is the most Stylish, Coolest, Handsome and with the best Skills, Moves, Voice. I don't think there is any other character can compete in all aspects with him. Hwoarang is the most liked character of mine and 90% of my Tekken 7 game's are played using Hwoarang character.

Hwoarang must be the best character because its easy to use and he's fast especially when kicking just always click the kick button when battle and you have a chance to win without the combo...

My favourite and best character in the whole series. He is easy to use but at the same time his hits cause massive amounts of damage. He seems like a character that is very emotional but at the same time a badass!

Excellent for juggling the life out of your foe. Once his high flying kicks get anyone airborne, escape is practically impossible. He can just kick you to death in the air 'til the end of time.

Hwoarang has been my best tekken fighter since Tekken 3. He is simply awesome and his moves and combos are really easy and unique. Hwoarang will always remain the best tekken character.

I would say that he is the second best without the Devil gene. I believe Heihachi would beat Hwoarang in most circumstances. But outside of the Mishima bloodline, he is debatably the best fighter. The only other one you could argue would be Paul Phoenix. But if anyone outside of the Mishima bloodline could ever (officially) win a tournament, it would most likely be him.

I have been playing Hwoarang for almost 4 years now and let me tell you he is op. He is a kicking machine I mean like come on, his kicks are unreal like seriously. In Hwoarang's Story mode I think on Tekken 6 Yeah, He beat Jin 1v1 and than Jin turned into Devil Jin because he got mad that Hwoarang beat him. He didn't even break a sweat when he fought Jin he literally kicked his ass. Also on tekken 6 Hwoarang's Ending he was slowly turning into a Devil Hwoarang and imagine If he still had hold that pearl and didn't drop it he would become a Devil Hwoarang. Like I said Hwoarang beat Jin in a 1v1 fight and Jin got mad so went Devil mode right? Yeah so imagine Devil Hwoarang He would Kick ass and he would be 100X stronger then Devil Jin. But still Hwoarang has to be better then Jin because he beat him 1v1 in the story mode WITHOUT BREAKING A SWEAT its true play Hwoarangs story mode on Tekken 6. It says that Hwoarang was toying with Jin and defeated him without breaking a sweat and so Jin ...more

Hwoarang is better than jin. Hwoarang has beaten him heaps of times. He lost that one time because turned into devil jin. Hwoarang is also better than his master baek. he has devastating kick combos that do a lot of damage.

Hwoarang has outstanding kicks and abilities, but my favorite part about him is that he takes the same martial art as me: Taekwondo

I think Hwoarang is the best male charecter in Tekken. I love all his ending, especially in Tekken 6. I also love how much he respects his master Baek, and his rivalry with Jin. He has all sorts of deadly and uniques combos and I love his sense of fashion too. He's really cute too

hwoarang is pure ownage, I can do easy a combo that does more then half hp

i think hwoarang deserves 1st place!

Hwoarang is a no contest, best character by far.
Pure badass and attitude, plus he wants to kick the hell out of Jin every single time.
No way!

Hwoarang is the best since he owned Jin Kazama in tekken 5 his moves are really easy to pick up even beginners can use him and he is the coolest

Hwoarang is so cool, and hard to play with in the same time... But, he has so many great moves and awesome combos... I always enjoy when I play with him!

Hwoarang is AMAZING and to all the people who say he is cheap, SHUT UP! He is not cheap, you are just using him wrong. GOSH PEOPLE. I'm out, peace!

Once you learn a couple of tricks with this guy, you pretty much can PERFECT any match. Combined with Asuka, they are unstoppable.

I love his style and his combos. His kicks are quite fast. He is young and handsome. He obviously deserves the 1st place.