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21 Jaycee

Jaycee looks ok for me, I really like her mask. That fat guy in tekken fancy jaycee/julia, I got feeling that julia don't love him because he is way too fat

Jaycee is my favourite charcter in all the tekken games she is strong and preety and she's amazing charcter she is so so hot loking I love her aoutfite and I love her skills she is the best girll ever in this game

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22 Heihachi Mishima

Heihachi Mishima the antagonist of tekken the rival of his son Kazuya. Kazuya is my favorite character but heihachi is a badass immortal boss and I like him as well. When tekken 7 comes out the talking point is what I mentioned HEIHACHI VS KAZUYA

Come on heihachi is so boss and can really beat people up so he's got to move up on the darn list

Heihachi is a favorite he has a great back story and is very tough

HEIHACHI is the TEKKEN game...when you ask to person that don't know well the game,what do you think about tekken?...tekken?...what is it? try to explain them and the discussion always end with:yes the game with the old man with strange haircut!...he is simply the most iconic character...i play kaz but sometimes we have to be sincerešŸ˜‰

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23 Michelle Chang

Michelle Chang is my favorite Tekken character I love her so much and I can't wait to finally play as her again in Tekken tag tournament 2! Michelle = Strong, Sexy, Kind, Smart And Fierce!

Best Tekken Character Of All Time! Michelle Is My #1 Strong, Sexy, Smart And Caring

Michelle Chang Is The Best Tekken Character Ever!
So Glad That She Is Back For T2!
She Was Always 10 Times Better Than Julia!
Michelle Fighting!

Michelle is my Favorite sweet, hot, caring, strong and fast!

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24 Armor King

Someone needs to give me a dam reason. WHY DOES NO ONE LIKE ARMOR KING. Armor King is strong he has an interesting story and he's awesome. And the fact between King and Armor King is that King is the bad guy because he's friends with Marduk the guy that killed Armor King's brother. And more people like King better than Armor King. King is good, but Armor King is better

Armor King is so stronger than King. Seriously did you see Armor King's ending in Tekken 5 dark resurection. This is what happened. Armor King was walking and King came behind him. Next thing you see Armor King kicks King's stomach so hard, picks up King, turns him around, jumps very high, and Armor King smashes King's head on the ground.

The only reason they might not add AK in Tekken 7 is because of variety. I'd honestly hate to see lei or a capo to come back. Since they have 2 ninjas now, I don't see why they can't have 2 wrestlers. King & Armor King are about just as different as Raven & Yoshi in my opinion. Besides, who the hell doesn't like ninjas & wrestlers. They still haven't ended his story yet either, oh & one more thing. How is king learning armor king moves if ak isn't teaching him?

What he needs to be way higher, look, ik armor king moves aren't like kings but he is still powerful. He does have chain throws, not excessively long ones like king but still he has it. Plus he knows Mishima style so that's right peeps, he can do what mishimas do. Plus his juggles or brutal, n ground games vicious, I'd say he's the few that could put of a difficult fight no matter who u R.

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25 Eddy Gordo

He gets a bad rap because he is a "button mash" character and he is a "stammer" but you can spam with a lot of characters, some of which are on the top 10th list. When you get to know this character and master him, he is one of the most versatile characters in the game.

Eddy full name is gordo. He is very powerful in tekken. He can fight non stop without break. Eddy is my favourite. He is fast and strong. He is also flexible.

I honestly think he is Christie but BOY but that is also a good.

I like eddy gordo as a fighter.

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26 Dragunov

Oh come on! Dragunov is a killer, he has a move that is simple, but effective, that move got me past Jack-5 in tekken 6

Dragunov, SAMBO SERIOUSLY He is a RussiaN SPETSNAZ his style is fast and powerful, deadly in real life and easy to get down and make something useful with.

He is like lars in the way that he always have an option. plus he is one of the greatest characters on whiff punish

He has really good combos; if you know how to use him, you'll be hard to defeat on Tekken.
And by the way, which Russian guy doesn't know how to fight that hard?

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27 Mokujin

Mokujin is good in fighting although he is not the fastest, he could copy other characters, it is like Mokujin and the other character he is copying is fighting against the opponent I think of it as an advantage really.

Copy characters are a big thing with fighting games. But when you turn them into a block of wood, that's when things get real!

I have mastered most of the characters so "it's" my favorite

28 Gon

Never really used him

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29 Christie Monteiro

I have perfected a lot of fights against azazel using Christie with her graceful and fast moves especially her kicks.. So strong and fast. She also has a pretty good story. She's beautiful and looks like J.lo. :D but I think she should be dressed better...

I love Christie is so unique, you'll never know what is she going to do next. She also has a lot of interesting attacks and combos. Button-mashing can be used but is easy to see if the player knows what is he doing.

I'm sure I'm not gone love tekken7 so this katarina lady replaceing my christie we all know christie the best I seen the way this katarina lady looks and I don't like her I have feelings this game is gone be repeat of soul cailbur 5 Namco is supposed to be the number one fighting games Company And I'm not impressed They really fix need soul cailbur5 and tekken7 once they do that then I can say yep I am impressed

Favorite character I hope she is in Tekken 7. But chloe jacked a bunch of moves from her, and Katarina is from South America. I'm legitimately worried.

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30 Zafina

Do you know all why zafina is least liked by tekken players? That because she just hard to learn and slow, but if you trained her seriously, she will confuse your enemy when she slow, cause she have many low poke. I better choose a challenges to play the most challenging character or most difficult cause it worth if you mastered it. I think zafina has unique fighting skill. She is like a SNAKE, SLOW but really really really DANGEROUS and TRICKY. One you get BIT, the POISON will make you SUFFERING, not die fast but SUFFERING slowly...

Zafina has four stances; the mantis, tarantula, scarecrow and her regular fighting stance. With her unpredictable moves, her diverse move set, if you came across an expert user of Zafina, you'd find it incredibly hard to get past her.

With high and low mix ups abd continuous combos with zafina, she is one of the best in my opinion and should at least be in top 10

She is my primary character (and only favorite, next to Lili :]). Many people has asked me, "Why Zafina? " then I answer, "She's my all-time favorite. Her fighting style is fresh, not seen before; very unique, not generic fighting style like almost every one."
Zafina has the most unique fighting style in all the roster. Unpredictability? Yes. She has three stances; Tarantula, Praying Mantis, and my favorite the Scarecrow, all unique [and somewhat creepy, especially the Tarantula]. In conclusion, Zafina is one of the most advanced character because of her unpredictability and move set.

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31 Devil Kazuya

Devil kazuya is the strongest character I had ever seen. He defeat Devil Jin also. When Someone challenge him for fight he never lose with ease and his devil smile I just love devil kazuya

Devil Kazuya the greatest boss in tekken and is more stronger then Devil Jin.

Devil Kazuya the stuff of nightmares!

Devil Kazuya is a badass. What else is there to say...

Kazuya mishima turn into devil kazuya

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32 Forrest Law

Come on. I thought Forrest would make it to the first 20. He's got style. He kinda reminds me of Bruce Lee. His punches are fast. His kicks are straight and precise. I love him, Jin and Paul.

Forest Law is the best. He need a new chance in TEKKEN 7.

He is powerful player in tekken 3 he is more powerful then other he is my favurite player

Deserves to be no. 1

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33 Angel

How come angel is not in the top 20? She is beautiful, Angel is an Angel, and she has awesome moves believe me like really 44? :(

What? Angel should be on the top 20 she has awesome tactics vote for Angel!

34 Alex

He is a boxing dinosaur what more do you want.

Alex sucks! He is a boring dinosaur and reminds of Roger!

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35 Leo Kliesen

Leo is a Female that's Slams others like a man! And shes adorable.

My main Character... Vote for leo.. Come on

Leo is fast, strong, and versatile. She has a lot of high, mid, and low attacks and her juggle combos and wall combos are awesome. Vote for Leo people

She definitely is coolest in tekken 6.

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36 Kunimitsu

She's my main character on tekken tag tournament 2 and easy to use

In tekken 1, kunimitsu was a man. It wasn't until tekken 2 that her gender was changed by namco to female.

She is very strong and fun to be and she's got hot looks and I love her

Kunimitsu is the best character of all. She is awesome and fun.

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37 Roger Jr.

One of the original characters who first made an appearance in tekken 2, but was absent for a while, then made the amazing comeback in tekken 5. it is rumoured that roger might not make it in tekken 7, but I sure hope he does.

He's a kangaroo... He's a BABY kangaroo... Who fights in his mother's pouch... ONLY # 57?!?!?

His mother is the one who should have the credits in the character select and HUD but that's okay. And they're the characters I know how to fight and troll a newbie with their Falcon Punch.

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38 Julia Chang Julia Chang

This character is the most strongest and is good against all fighters because of very strong combat

Julia is The best she can get you a perfect without you even trying hard and she just so you know, MADE MY A - LIST. She needs to be in the top 10!

Imagine hwoarang fall in love with her or maybe he doesn't need a girlfriend, I got a feeling that hwoarang don't like Indian people. I hate Indian people is well, they bunch of idiots ha ha ha ha

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39 Jack-5

Jack 5 is way better than the other tekken characters

High devastating machine with gun-hand and made easy to win jinpachi mishima in tekken 5

I don't like this charcter very much he us strong but it's becouse he is very ugly

Jack 5 is my favourite

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40 Raven

I voted for Kazuya but he is my second favorite character! Its TRUE that he is the hardest character to master, but once you do that, you are like Tekken God! His transmissions, counters and death combos are un lockable! Love his moves!

We're running out of raven players, pretty hard to use but when you master him. WOW, I rank 66 with raven in tag 2 and in tekken 6 I rank 15

What do ya mean putting Raven at number 29. He has to be number 2. A kick punch punch punch has my opponent down in a matter of time.

Raven is hard to master but once you do it's Christmass time. He's not perfect ninja, I know this as a ninjutsu artist he has potential to evolve as a fighter and as a character too. As a character he's a professional cold hearted, he doesn't make bonds with other characters he only uses them to get the job done. But he has a feeling of righteousness, he believes he's doing the right thing unless... He's proven wrong that's where it'll hit him. That's why he has evolving potential as a character too.

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