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61 Bob Richards

God, how can you forget him on the list! A combo of Y and X together is just amazing! (Triangle and X for PlayStation)

62 True Ogre

True ogre is the best only job I do is make him fly and breath fire and you win

Ogre is the best. He can fly, breathe fire and he is simply the best.

63 Jack-6

May not be better than the other jacks but this one fights to protect jane

64 Josie Rizal

She will represent the Philippines in the upcoming tekken 7

I love the way she fight..

She's has cool moves

She is cool styles.

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65 Wang Jinrei

Wang is a very strong character but also very technical he is hard to pick up but when one learns to use his move set he is quite admirable

Once you get used to him you will find him the best. HOW COULD HE MAKE FRIENDS WITH JINPACHI.

66 Gun Jack V 1 Comment
67 Eliza

Eliza deserves to be number 1 her movelist is very amazing people always fall for her moves and her gothic look is just amazing she deserves more recognition

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68 Devil Kazumi
69 Tetsujin
70 Lucky Chloe

Believe it or not, she's a brand new character that's just been confirmed for Tekken 7.

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71 Jack-7 V 1 Comment
72 Master Raven
73 Katarina Alves
74 Slim Bob

Sick combos easy 2 use. Triangle and square + dpad and square and x with dpad =))


NANCY-MI847J is tough and I'm glad there is finally a girl robot. She is my favorite Tekken character as well as the best.

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76 Tekken Tag 2 Combot
77 Roger

Ay my name is Jackie legs and I've come to say hello... But on a serious note, guy can't catch a break. His own family keeps beating him up.

78 Violet
79 Tougou
80 Kinjin
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