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1 Total Drama Island Total Drama Island Total Drama Island is a Canadian animated television series which premiered in Canada on Teletoon on July 8, 2007 and on June 5, 2008 in the U.S.

Owen was hilarious but Gwen should have won

I can describe this whole series in one word: Lame. - regularponyfan09

It wins. My favorite show. And parody. And piece of art.

Ya it was good when it was there in fact every td shows I miss it teletoon bring it back please

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2 6teen 6teen


3 Wayside Wayside Wayside is a Canadian-American animated comedy television series developed by John Derevlany for Teletoon and Nickelodeon.

It's not as good as the books, but I like it anyway. - regularponyfan09


4 Johnny Test Johnny Test Johnny Test is an American-Canadian animated television series produced by Warner Bros. Animation, for the first season, and Cookie Jar, for the remainder of the series.

At least Season 1 was good

Best show ever, great humor

Johnny test is the best

This show is funny most of the time, some jokes are funny and humorous.

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5 Stoked

Stoked, 6Teen and TD are the best

6 George of the Jungle
7 Total Drama World Tour

I miss you so much tdwt In fact every total drama season was good

8 Ned's Newt
9 Detentionaire

Bring this to 1

10 Counterfeit Cat

Loving this show

Best Teletoon cartoon I've seen in quite awhile! Gark is so cute! This show reminds me of Gumball a lot, but I still love it!

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11 Freaktown
12 SuperMarioLogan SuperMarioLogan

LOL! this is not even a teletoon show!

He sucks

I love his videos

This is a Teletoon show? - regularponyfan09

13 Scaredy Squirrel Scaredy Squirrel

No.. just no..

14 What's With Andy?

Loved this show made me who I am today.

15 Regular Show Regular Show Regular Show is an American animated television series created by J. G. Quintel for Cartoon Network that premiered on September 6, 2010. The series revolves around the lives of two friends, a blue jay named Mordecai and a raccoon named Rigby—both employed as groundskeepers at a local park.

I HATE how teletoon is now streaming Cartoon Network shows like this one, gumball and adventure time! I also hate how this show ended in January 2017. I liked this show and I do not understand why it is here. Regular show is a national treasure and should not be on a crappy channel like teletoon.

Not Teletoon but still awesome

This show stinks -100/10

16 Grojband Grojband Grojband is a Canadian animated series developed by Fresh TV and distributed by FremantleMedia, Ltd and created by Todd Kauffman and Mark Thornton. more.


A very cleverly-written and finely-executed show.

Awesome great, good-nature characters and humur

THANK YOU! At least somebody understands that Grojband's characters are nice! - regularponyfan09

17 Total Drama: Revenge of the Island
18 Best Ed
19 Jimmy Two-Shoes
20 Ratz

The theme song to this show really gets me punked!

21 Carl2

This show was funny! Why is Johnny Test higher than this?!

The show is not cool

Someone should make a list of the best Carl² characters. Why would someone put Johnny Test higher than this? This show was awesome!

Carl² was awesome! I miss this show so much! It was so funneh! Where did it go? Bring it back, Teletoon! Teletoon is pure crap now!

22 Braceface Braceface Braceface is a Canadian/American animated series that aired on Teletoon in Canada, and on Disney Channel and ABC Family in the United States, as well as Fox Kids and then Pop Girl in the United Kingdom.

Really good show

Kinda Cliché

23 Marvin the Tap-Dancing Horse

It’s stupid I hate that show although I’m in the us and it was on qubo it is very dumb. Take this off the list and add all the other total drama shows

24 The Amazing Spiez!

Remake of totally spies but awesome

25 Camp Lakebottom
26 Total Drama Action
27 Iggy Arbuckle
28 Ricky Sprocket
29 Totally Spies! Totally Spies! Totally Spies! is a French-Canadian animated spy comedy television series created by Vincent Chalvon-Demersay and David Michel and produced by Marathon Media Group and Image Entertainment Corporation.

Why can't we have sexy cartoons like this?

This show is awesome! - Fandomstuck

Loser show laugh out loud

30 The Amazing World of Gumball The Amazing World of Gumball The Amazing World of Gumball is a British-Australian-German-American-Irish children's animated television series created by Ben Bocquelet for Cartoon Network.

This show isn't from teletoon it's from Cartoon Network, but it deserves to be on Teletoon more often.

31 Clone High
32 Earthworm Jim
33 Class of the Titans
34 The Untalkative Bunny
35 Sidekick Sidekick

Yes, it is overrated but still a good cartoon.

36 RoboRoach
37 Atomic Puppet
38 Chop Chop Ninja
39 Animal Crackers
40 Doodlez
41 Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race
42 Undergrads Undergrads Undergrads is a Canadian animated television series centered on the lives of four college undergraduate freshmen.
43 Wishfart Wishfart
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