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21 Maxwell
22 Skyworth

Nice so affordable and nice picture

I do have this one at home. Product is good. Hope they can produce more affordable with good quality.

I probably enjoy watching movies with my 58e66.. Audio & video quality, so good...

Good quality with low cost

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23 Pensonic

I have a pensonic T.V.. I own it about 3 years now. good T.V. with low price...

I just love the picture quality

Just bought ultra slim and I don't regret.. the picture really good...

Really good

Ill have T.V. pensonic brand

24 Coby

Great T.V. easy to adjust to your likings

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25 Pioneer V 1 Comment
26 Haier

Just try and you will see...

Amazing features and picture quality. (because I think that if we spend 200$ we should expect 200$ out of it because some times we do unfair but spending less and expecting more than that

I have a 50in haier and the color and picture is very good. I think it should be a higher rating.

It's amazing

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27 Westinghouse

Love mine. Good picture quality and not as expensive as some "higher quality" brands. I have had mine for 2 years now and don't plan on trading it in any time soon.

I get Westinghouse for 6 year and don't working.

I had a 21 inch samsung and I just bought a 40 inch westinghouse and the 40 inch westinghouse is a lot better than samsung and my parents have had samsung tvs for 16 years now and they say that samsung is the best but I disagree with them

The reason I voted was I wanted to comment and because this T.V. was ok but we'll put at 34. When we opened it up, the one T.V. foot fell off and when I took off the plastic of the middle brand name, it fell off. Ok T.V. when you get it but reeaaalllyyy made for the money you pay.

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28 Onida

Best picture quality & sound quality

Number 1 pictures quality and sound and onida is number 1 brand in india not a Sony

Best quality

Worst television in India

29 Vu

Best in market price...

Very good protect

Wrold best television

Nice look with the best quality screen and great quality features with smart features.. It is a great T.V. and a best budget T.V. if compare with other brands which is significantly very high with the same aspects as the vu T.V...

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30 Emerson

Just bought a 50 inch from Walmart; hope it was the right decision. Emerson has been around in electronics for a long time. Picture is great

I have had a flat screen Emerson since 2006 and it even hit the ground one time and still I have never had one thing go wrong with it

Had one for a year didn't have any problems with it

I've had my lil emerson for 3 years now it was passed down to me from my mom and I believe she's had it a few years before passing it so pretty good for a cheap T.V..

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31 Devant

We bought it last 2010 and we don't have any problem with this brand since we bought it. And the price is good and the technology is superb compared to the leading brands in the market today. Any brand in the market even how high tech it is, it depends on the owner how to adjust its functions and to manipulate it.

Got 32 led still good after 6years..

It's great and wonderful

The best of the best

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32 Sansui

Good picture quality and sound...

Sharp display

good brand

33 Lloyd


It's the worst T.V. you can have

Lloyd led T.V. is excellent. And wide range of led T.V.'s product are available.

34 BPL

It is best T.V. ever and longest lasting


35 Seiki

Seiki is garbage. My 48" lasted a year and 2 months before it stopped working. My recommendation would be to buy a more expensive brand that will last way longer than this cheap garbage.

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36 Element

Heard negative things about this brand. But I own a 50 inch in this brand, never had a problem with it bought a warranty with it and I love it.

Purchased a 32 six years ago and my grandson is still using it today! Got a 58 2years ago no problems. For the money you can't beat them!

I have a 40in amd I have no problems with it

I have a 42 inch plays beautiful,never had a problem with it...5yrs and going,only paid $150 for it on Black Friday!

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37 Changhong


Very good picture quality.. Durable and affordable compare to the other leading brands..

Number 1 panel.. No doubt very durable and have very good specs..

Nice brand! keep it up

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38 Videocon

Best T.V. no problems..

Best television

I have videocon smart ddb led it's good led


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39 Sylvania
40 Intex

Very good brand

LG Samsung not good

Not good

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