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61 Soniq
62 Xiaomi

Awesome Phone dual sim all the bells and whistles save about $600 on similar big name phones here in Australia.

63 Mivar

Mivar TVs are all made in Italy. The Italian design elegant and efficient!

64 Sinotec

Since I bought my 32 inch sinotec it have never given me any problem, and I have been using it since 2010

It has got a very clear picture

Good one with 5 years warranty when u purchase

65 Kogan
66 Vestel

Great T.V.. If you need television and if you see this brand just buy it.

Durable, cheap, quality

Vestel is the best, no1

67 Palsonic
68 Elite
69 General Electric
70 NEC
71 Protron
72 RCN
73 Akai

Have seen this product around and available on the market but I don't know how durable it is.

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74 United
75 JMB
76 Ikon
77 Sonic

Only had my 40" for 2 and half almost 3 years and its stopped working. Power goes to the T.V. but wont turn on. Apparently its common with this brand. I'm not to happy with this and will not be buying again.

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78 Dicon
79 Magnavox

Terrible had for only 2 years and it's already in the shop, would not recommended

I have had it since 1991 and never had a problem with it. It still runs great with an excellent picture. It doesn't have the new features so I will have to look for a new T.V..

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80 Quasar
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