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21 truTV

I like top funniest and impractical jokers

Move truTV up higher. Impractical jokers is the best show on television!

Best channel ever! Peace from Tunisia

Its main purpose is Impractical Jokers.

22 USA


Burn Notice, Psych, White Collar. 3 great shows and just in general I like their style of television

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23 FOX NEWS FOX NEWS Fox News Channel is an American basic cable and satellite news television channel that is owned by the Fox Entertainment Group subsidiary of 21st Century Fox.

Least biased? I want some of what you're smoking

Fair and balanced, least biased news channel out there.. That's all that is needed to be said..

Tells the truth!
Not dishonest like cnn!

Tells the truth!
not dishonest like cnn!

24 TBS

the FUNNIEST channel out there! family guy, king of queens, my name is earl, the office, my boys, bill engvall, house of payne, fresh prince f bel air, home improvement, saved by the bell. Plus they show awesome movies. Wachin yet? - LightningFast4

There is one show that keeps me on this channel, and always will. Seinfeld. IT'S AWESOME



It's true tbs very funny

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25 MTV MTV MTV is an American basic cable and satellite television channel which is a part of the "Viacom Music and Entertainment Group" which is the flagship Property of the Viacom Media Networks division of Viacom, of which it is a subsidiary.

MTV REALITY TELEVISION IS ACTUALLY MY LIFE! Shows like Plain Jane and Ridiculousness and Fantasy Factory and House of Food and Catfish and Punk'd. They are just so entertaining and I could literally spend my entire life watching them. You could too. Admit it.

Was good back when they were showing what they were suppose to show (music videos).but all it is now is crappy reality shows for a bunch of stupid shouldn't even be called MTV anymore.

Teen Wolf! Starring the all amazing, all talented, all good looking' Dylan O'Brien!

There is no need to give opinion. B, because everyone KNOW MTV IS best T.V. channel

26 El Rey Channel
27 Gold

For a channel that shows endless repeats for programmes such as Only Fools And Horses and Last Of The Summer Wine, you can't go wrong.

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28 The History Channel

I agree with the last person who posted. why should the history teachers just give them homework to watch on the history channel?

Should be tied with discovery channel. History & Science; they go hand in hand.

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29 BBC Three

It's the best because animations like Family Guy and American Dad! Are the best

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30 Sundance Channel
31 FXX
32 BBC

No advertising.

Yeah but remember in the 90s after school kids shows. (shame Grange Hill classic was before I was born)
Top of the Pops.

The BBC is the worlds biggest television broadcaster. It is also one of the most well known, expensive, and diverse. It not only broadcast T.V. bust also radio and has a website for nearly everything including the voted as the worlds most reliable news broadcaster BBC news, BBC bitesize an amazing tool for kids and teenagers to use for revision, BBC sport, food, world, America, uktv, ww1, history, arts, music, iplayer, CBBC and cebebies which were also voted the worlds best children's entertainment channels, travel, science, learning, iwonder and a tone more. In fact it is the most visited site in Europe with over 13.2 people from the uk alone visiting it's 2million pages every day. The BBC is worth over 5 billion pounds funded by the uk public. It was set up by the British government with a charter to inform entertain and educate. It is home to the worlds most watched television show which is top gear, also doctor who, and the worlds greatest documentaries. It was also the worlds ...more

33 Food Network

Chopped is my favorite. And now they have Canada Chopped! Yes, the shows can be cheesy they are not Emmy winning quality, but I just love how all kinds of people are featured on this network, not just Hollywood types.

I love all of the shows on the food network because thjey have really good recipies! My mom actuyally used one of the recipies from kitchen boss, the breaded mozzarella encorrozza things! They rocked!

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34 A&E

Bates motel! Criminal minds!

35 Animax

Great channel for anime

36 The Weather Channel
37 The CW

Why CW is not at the top of the rank? This station has the best shows. This station definitely is all about what viewers are looking for. Example: totally free exciting shows, on-line latest episode without restrictions, viewers' opinion ("CW seed"), does not require turning on cookie (cookie to "track your activities").

They have the best shows Supernatural, One Tree Hill and Smallville people jeez...

Guys cw contains awesome shows (favourite show is supernatural) and it is awesome. it doesn't deserve 44!

Center is the best

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38 ITV

Britain's Got Talent, The Chase, X Factor, Good Morning Britain and more enjoyable shows for the family. - lizard302

A great selection of programmes offering television for everyone, great idents and branding accompanies this.

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39 Dave

All my favourite programs, red dwarf, top gear, storage hunters, RH good news, and many more!

40 Syfy

How was this channel not even up there? It is now! Sci Fi Rocks! - Freak_Show1

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