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21 Pheobe & Cole (Charmed)

So cute together. I really wished Cole would have made it to all the other seasons as well. Too bad Phoebe didn't like him at the end..

Oh my God, they are such a great couple <3
They have so much chemistry and they have been through so much...
They really complete each other. Too bad they didn't end up together.

22 Doug & Carrie (King of Queens)
23 Sara & Michael (Prison Break)
24 Paul & Jamie Buchman (Mad About You)
25 Ziva & Tony (NCIS)

Hahaha I totally love how their so in love but they never do anything about it. Best T.V. romance ever. Watching them dance around each other is both frustrating and adorable at the same time

It is just so obvious that these two should get together, their chemistry is just amazing

26 Ryan & Carrie (Go On)

I liked the idea of them being a couple. I'm very surprised to find out anyone else watched this show when it was on. I enjoyed it, but I didn't know anyone else did. - mac2

27 Brian & Justin (Queer as Folk)

They were so good for each other. I will forever be sad that they didn't get married in the end

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28 Lana & Clark (Smallville)
29 Laura & Rob (The Dick Van Dyke Show)

Sit com at it's best by Carl Reiner based on his writing and performing experiences on Your Show of Shows.

30 Austin & Ally (Austin and Ally)

I love this couple so much. I really hope they get together in the show.

31 Jackson & April (Grey's Anatomy)
32 Andy and April (Parks and Recreation)

How is this so low? This deserves to be at least #2

33 Sara & Chuck (Chuck)

I love Sarah and chuck they were best couple. Please vote

The series was awesome and so were they.

34 Derek & Meredith (Grey's anatomy)

How are Jackson and Avery above them?

MerDer are the best, they so should be higher up, especially above Peyton and Jake from One Tree Hill that was the weirdest couple!

35 Lois & Clark (Smallville)
36 Mike & Carol Brady (The Brady Bunch)
37 Ray and Debra (Everybody Loves Raymond)
38 Sawyer & Juliet (Lost)

Never saw it coming, but it led to the fans loving these two even more.

39 Rory and Logan (Gilmore Girls)
40 Rory & Jess (Gilmore Girls)
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