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81 Robin & Barney (How I Met Your Mother)

Barney and Robin are perfect for each other. They both have real human imperfections and neither one wants kids. Their awful qualities complement each other beautifully and I love them so much better than Ted and Robin. Ted is too normal for Robin, too perfect. Its like puzzle pieces. Ted is the piece that looks like it could fit anywhere. Robin is slightly oddly shaped and so is Barney. Naturally, you would assume the normal shaped piece would have more of a chance fitting to the odd shaped pieces when in reality, life (and the puzzle makers) a lot of the time make odd shaped pieces that look wrong but turn out to fit perfectly with each other. That is Robin and Barney. Quirky and so wrong for one another in theory, but so adorable and so so right when you actually give it a try. that's my take on their relationship anyway. - Evry1sALittleBitRacist83

Can't belive its 31! Come on guys! This is one of the most awesome couples EVER!


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82 Sam & Freddie (iCarly)

So cute. They're total opposites but at the same time, perfect for each other. Seddie forever!

83 Carrie and Mr. Big (Sex and the City)
84 Francis and Mary (Reign)
85 Cameron and Chase (House M.D)
86 House and Stacy (House M. D)
87 Belle & Shawn (Days Of Our Lives)
88 Rory & Dean (Gilmore Girls)
89 Danny & Sam (Danny Phantom)
90 Buffy & Spike (Buffy The Vampire Slayer)
91 Mr. Krabs & Mrs. Puff (SpongeBob SquarePants)

Mr. Krabs Is So Sweet Around Mrs. Puff! He Even Sends Out SpongeBob To Get Her Presents And Forgets About The Price! Mrs. Puff Is So Flattered By Mr. Krabs Too!

92 Marian & Howard Cunningham (Happy Days)

Marian howard are a fun couple

93 Eric & Tami (Friday Night Lights)
94 Matt & Rebekah (The Vampire Diaries)
95 Phineas & Isabella (Phineas and Ferb)
96 Ozzy and Amanda (Survivor: Micronesia)

Maybe it's reality tv but it's the only real couple out there!

97 Andy Dwyer and April Ludgate (Parks and Recreation)
98 Dan & Blair (Gossip Girl)
99 Mordecai & Margaret (Regular Show)

They're Meant For Each Other Haven't You Ever Noticed They Look Near To Identical!

100 Charlie & Rose (Two & 1/2 Men)

Love this couple. Too bad they killed his character off. The writers should kill off Rose (maybe Charlie's ghost should do it, since Rose was the one who killed Charlie) so that they can be together for all eternity.

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