Best Television Series Theme Songs

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301 Lizzie McGuire
302 Another

How cares if its in Japanese, this theme song is amazing! It totally fits the show.

303 The Lone Ranger
304 Emergency!
305 The Mickey Mouse Club
306 Farscape
307 Beyblade 2000

How come Beyblade is not in the list? The best theme song any T.V. series can ever have. every time I listen to it I just can't stop singing and smiling

308 Sesame Street - Sunny Days
309 Kroll Show
310 The Fall Guy
311 Simon & Simon
312 Castle

How is itin the 270th position! This theme song is just great and I even watch the credits every episode for the tune...

313 Chuck
314 Monster Garage
315 The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
316 For Your Love

Show was kind of a lame knockoff of "How I Met Your Mother", but any theme song that is an original by the f'ing YARDBIRDS with f'ing ERIC CLAPTON on lead guitar is the best theme song EVER.

317 Cleopatra 2525

One of the worst sci-fi shows in history, and mercifully went away after a single season, but Zager & Evans' amazing composition "In The Year 2525" fit the plot perfectly!

318 Big Brother Big Brother Big Brother is a reality game show franchise created by John de Mol, originally broadcast in the Netherlands and subsequently syndicated internationally.
319 Saturday Supercade
320 Secret Agent Man

Patrick McGoohan was darn good as the main character of this mid-60's 007 ripoff, but the theme song "Secret Agent Man" by Johnny Rivers was amazing.

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