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1 Sweet Disposition

This song makes me feel so light I float into space Amazing song and probably their most popular.

Love this song so much, makes me feel amazing every time I listen to it, just so good!

Perfectly dramatic and about those moments that change everything

I fell in love with this song when I first listened to it. It's brilliant.

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2 Love Lost


3 Soldier On

A great song that characterizes the emotion felt by military personnel during long periods of time away from those they love. Powerful lyrics

Beautiful song, totally moves me every time I listen to it...1 for the ages

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4 Need Your Love

Best song by far, better than the songs from conditions and the whole band are great in this song! Can't stop listening!

5 Fader

Awesome band! This is the first song that I ever listened to and it got me hooked! Very upbeat!

Very uplifting! Like it

I'M in the transit
Floatin stranded on this boat
And I pledge myself allegiance to a better night sleep at home
And the SWEET SWEET sun's comin DOWN HARD
It burns the BONES
So hold a hand for cover, hold a hand for cover, hold a hand for cover from harm~


Asdfghjkl this is song kills me. but like, in a good way.

6 Science of Fear

In my opinion, this song is much better than Sweet Disposition!

Cool song with a great rhythm

7 Drum Song
8 Leaving Heartbreak Hotel
9 Rabbit Hole
10 London's Burning

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11 Fall Together
12 Miracle
13 Down River
14 Want
15 Trembling Hands

The stand out track from their second album. Should and probably would be in the top 5 if it wasn't such a recent song.

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16 I'm Gonna Wait
17 Dreams
18 Resurrection

The way this piece builds up after a minimalist first 60% feels like a resurrection. Also, the way the exact same falsetto chorus is used in both the brooding and cacophonous sections just ties this piece together. This song will pull me out of any bout of apathy I happen to be in.

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1. Sweet Disposition
2. Science of Fear
3. Love Lost
1. Sweet Disposition
2. Love Lost
3. Need Your Love


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