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1 My Girl

ABSOLUTELY THE BEST! The Temptations were meant to record this song. And, Smokey Robinson is a genius for writing it. LOVE IT!

Definitely their best song. Papa Was A Rolling Stone was just too long, while this song is a definate Motown HIT! This is the defination of SOUL! "I'm talkin' 'bout my girl... "

It really doesn't mean a thing cause this group is the best out of motown. I am 70 years old and I have followed them from the beginning.

El Te


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2 Papa Was a Rollin' Stone

To large but was good. - CedreticFomento

Just saw them perform Saturday. Wish they had played this entire song. It's a favorite!

Papa Was a Rolling Stone, was the first song of it's kind. It was called 'Psychedelic soul' and it was dark and lingering. The Temptations had never done anything like it before and a lot of rock band loved it. Rolling Stone actually performed it during there 1974 tour but it didn't have the same magic. This song, by far, was their greatest song.

Eleven minutes of pure funk. The bass line is heavenly.

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3 Ain't Too Proud to Beg

This is my favorite - No one like David Ruffin!

This song had great rhythm and style to it. YOU SHOULD DEFINITELY LISTEN TO IT.

This and Imagination are the two best songs ever! Not just for the voices, but the production, writing...

I fist herd in 1998 and to this day when I hear this I still have along you just have to do the same

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4 Just My Imagination (Running Away with Me)

The way Eddie sings this is extremely wonderful, The notes he hits are incredible and the emotion behind it makes a timeless classic. This song was produced before I was born and it like the temptations will stand the test of time.

Eddie Kendricks smooth falsetto is just heavenly in this song!

My all time favorite

Best love song ever written in my opinion, and it brilliantly compliments the Temps voice!

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5 I Can't Get Next to You

I love the changes in tempo of this song.

My number one temptation song of ALL time!

Jamerson really funks this song up!

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6 Since I Lost My Baby

Something about this song that makes it my favorite. Beautiful mixed

This is a very beautiful song

Switch out I know I'm loosing you for I can't get next to you

David never sounded better.

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7 The Way You Do the Things You Do

It the best song they made

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8 Cloud Nine

Just a good Ole favorite!

Norman Whitfield at his best. I like how the 5 members share the lead (Whitfield's idea) and Dennis Edwards' emotional delivery. A different side for the Temptations; the 1970s were something else!

Great song

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9 You're My Everything

This is ABSOLUTELY without a doubt an incredible song!

This should be #1. The power, enunciation, and emotion is incredible. Also the weaving in and out of Eddie and David's voices takes me to infinite and beyond! Oops, did I get too excited? Sorry, I love this song!

I was small kid when this hit came out David fan since

My all time favorite!

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10 I Wish It Would Rain

The best!

Great song... I have always loved it.

Best song ever period!

Painful, plaintive and perfect

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The Contenders

11 I Want a Love I Can See UListen to Sample
12 (I Know) I'm Losing You

I think this was the best of this ten whether it be David Ruffin or Dennis Edwards!

Soulful, powerful, hip, and cool=best song and not for the wanna bees and light hearted masses

Good enough for a Rare Earth cover

I love this song!

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13 Treat Her Like a Lady

I'm old school, grew up with the original Temps. This song, gets me rocking with my cane!

I enjoy this song and would like to use it as my ringtone.


I've always Loved this kind of Music.Raised Very Well by listening to this type of Music. THEY can't B BEAT! MS Carter

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14 Get Ready

Honestly very surprised to not see this in the top 5 or 6. Like most of their work, this makes you want to just get into it, plus it's much more famous than the rest of the songs around this 7-15 level.

Class tune one of my top 10

My favorite temptation song

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15 Ball of Confusion (That's What the World is Today)

Great googa mooga, can't you hear me talking' to you, how is this not in the top 5?

This song is an excellent synopsis of the social climate when it was released and somewhat to this day. Should be in the top five if not the top three.

This song is an accurate synopsis of what is happening in the world today. It is timeless

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16 Lady Soul

This is so hidden from all their other classics its not funny, I wish this song was well known too many and any who listen to The Temptations.

This is one of the best songs ever.

Best song ever!

I have been looking for this song or album for the longest time. The one with my lady soul on it. I really do want it is abeautful song.

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17 This is My Promise

Love this song! Great wedding song!

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18 Silent Night

This is the best Christmas song even still to this day! 05-08-16

Great. Christmas. Song And to me it's sung by the very best vocal artist ever.

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19 Some Enchanted Evening

Ollie (the best ever Temp) and my man Theo sets this song on fire... Great rendition

This whole album (For Lovers Only) is phenomenal. It would make a great gift! The arrangement and performance of the Classics is pure genius! Ollie Wootson has outdone himself! Do yourself a favor and check it out. You and your significant other will have quite a night!

This song needs to be bumped up, waaay up! Please check out the whole CD, "For Lovers Only". You will be hooked. David and Ollie are definitely two of the best of all time. As much as I love David's voice, I have to concede to Ollie. Miss them so much.

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20 Masterpiece

A pure blend of vocals and a funky orchestra. The tention, the excitement, purely a masterpiece.

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21 Runaway Child, Running Wild

This song should have been one of their #1 picks! W-o-n-d-e-r-f-u-l Song!

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22 I Could Never Love Another

It should be number six.

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23 Heavenly

Love all of their songs. But have to choose heavenly and you're my everything

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24 Shakey Ground UListen to Sample
25 Stay

Such a great song. Truly in the spirit of the early Temptations.

Beautiful lyrics, great voices.

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26 Paradise UListen to Sample
27 White Christmas UListen to Sample
28 What Else
29 Beauty's Only Skin Deep

I can't believe this song is so low... This song is so beautiful...

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30 Beauty is Only Skin Deep

The song is excellent and should be on this list somewhere!

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31 With These Hands UListen to Sample
32 Hey Girl, (I Like Your Style)

Richard Street kills in this. The coolest slow jam the Temps ever made.

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33 Please Return Your Love to Me UListen to Sample
34 Don't Look Back

The incomparable Paul Williams leads this classic written by Smokey Robinson and Ronald White. Check out the live version it is epic!

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35 Oh, Mother of Mine UListen to Sample
36 It's Growing

Tempts doing their thing

Another Dynamic by David.

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37 All I Need

Holds a very special place in my heart

Next to My Girl their best song

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38 My Love Is True (Truly for You) UListen to Sample
39 Two Sides to Love UListen to Sample
40 Psychedelic Shack

I was only 10 when I first heard this song so I missed a lot of references, but as I grew the song grew with me revealing itself just as casually as my own understanding of the world about me did. I loved the fun style, the freedom it represented, and of course I loved that booming base! One of my many favorite Temptations songs!

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41 War

An iconic war protest song.

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42 Hurry Tomorrow UListen to Sample
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