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21 Runaway Child, Running Wild

This song should have been one of their #1 picks! W-o-n-d-e-r-f-u-l Song!

22 Heavenly
23 Shakey Ground
24 Paradise
25 I Could Never Love Another

It should be number six.

26 White Christmas
27 What Else
28 Please Return Your Love to Me
29 Beauty is Only Skin Deep

The song is excellent and should be on this list somewhere!

30 With These Hands
31 All I Need

Holds a very special place in my heart

Next to My Girl their best song

32 Stay

Beautiful lyrics, great voices.

33 My Love Is True (Truly for You)
34 Hey Girl, (I Like Your Style)

Richard Street kills in this. The coolest slow jam the Temps ever made.

35 Two Sides to Love
36 Don't Look Back

The incomparable Paul Williams leads this classic written by Smokey Robinson and Ronald White. Check out the live version it is epic!

37 Psychedelic Shack

I was only 10 when I first heard this song so I missed a lot of references, but as I grew the song grew with me revealing itself just as casually as my own understanding of the world about me did. I loved the fun style, the freedom it represented, and of course I loved that booming base! One of my many favorite Temptations songs!

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