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1 Tribute

really nice song, tenacious d is an ownage band

Tenacious D is the best rock band on all time.
I would hate to see them split up.
But I have to admit, this song so beats all the rest.
It's so true as well, nothing can over take it.
Go for gold.

I have to admit this song beats all others by them come on irresistibly catchy lyrics classic jack black voice and for the record this song will keep you singing five weeks later

This song has a severe case of not giving itself enough credit. "This is not.. the greatest song in the world.. no.. this is just a tribute... FALSE! This is the greatest song in the world. By far.

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2 Beelzeboss

Battle in music... Ingenious this song made me love metal. Love the way how the 2 different sides of the battle are so different. Best song ever pure genius. BRAVO!

Dave Grohl is great on this song. His part is pure awesomeness. Definitely the best part of the movie too, the lyrics are funny and the voices are great. Listen to it if you haven't.

Battle in music= awesome. I'm the Devil I love Metal! - LordA117

The D are awesome...

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3 Kickapoo

epic beginning to a funny movie and an awesome album!

Great song, the first song i ever heard and realy liked from tenacious D, and the clip is just awsome!

Not only is this song so well composed and performned, but Ronnie James Dio himself is a guest on it!

R.I.P. dio...

I hear you brave young jables you are hungry for the rock
But to learn the ancient methods
Sacred doors you must unlock - SoldierOfFortune

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4 Master Exploder

Sorry, but this song blows my mind!

Inspires and Excilarates you!

I gotta say Master Exploder is the best song ever, even better than tribute or beelzeboss, the worlds best song by far, I mean he doesn't need a microphone!

Best Song Ever

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5 The Metal

it's true you can't kill the metal

You can't kill the metal. The metal will live on! These other songs tried to kill the metal. Ha, they failed as I voted for The Metal!

Best song in the universe. Tenacious D kicks ass.

Legendary Riff + Unkillable Metal + Fantastic Solo = Unbeatable Metal

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6 Wonderboy

At least top 5, one of their best

A classic, epic that is sung with vocal soul.

This song not only is incredibly captivating, but it also is beautifully written, as well as rather funny.

Awesome! God how I miss these guys...

7 The Pick of Destiny

That movie is awesome, I like it

I think this is the best song. Honestly not trying to sound negative but Tribute just shouldn't even be in the top ten. It's either this song or Beezleboss for me!

This song really is great. Jack Black's vocals on this song are the best I've ever heard in my life. I'm not exaggerating at all. Just listen to it.
Top 10 Favorite Tenacious D Songs
1. Tribute
2. POD
3. Master Exploder
4. Beelzeboss (The Final Showdown)
5. Kickapoo
6. The Metal
7. Classico
8. Drive-Thru
9. Inward Singing
10. Rize Of The Fenix

8 Rize of the Fenix

A great opening track to the album

The most inspiring song I have ever heard

Should have been MUCH HIGHER!

9 F*** Her Gently

One of the funniest songs I've ever heard

Best song ever! Funny and good!

This song inspires me every day. I've been listening to it around 50 times a day since I was 4 and I still love it! It's also helped me so much in day to day life and I would personally like to thank Jack Black and Kyle Gass for this incredible feat of engineering in relation to rock music!

I don't know whether it's inspiring or not, but it's funny af.

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10 Roadie

This song is absolutely epic to all possible ends. It is both awesome, hilarious and beautiful

This song is amazing, definitely the best song from The Rize of the Fenix, and one of their best songs overall. It's just so good, so good. Jack Black's voice continues to astound me.

This song makes the rock go!

OP Song, need to top 3

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11 Classico

The Ds First Song Tougther In The Film Funny And Class

Yo what the douse this song is the number 1 if you waanaa rock song. This owns noobs every day. I personally think this is better then your mom!

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12 City Hall

The best song ever

Epic in only a way Tenacious D could achieve.

Always thought this song was one of their best. The story is completely hilarious and they way they deliver it is absolutely histeric! Great vocals and music as well

13 Deth Starr

This was the first song I loved by them

14 Low Hangin' Fruit

Funky riffs... Funny lyrics.. Awesome vocals
in short = "a perfect D classic song"

Can't stop listening to this!

15 Kielbasa

Who doesn't like a warm hot Kielbasa Sausage?

16 Jesus Ranch

Awesome song. Shold be in the Top Tens songs at least! - DanielHsv0

It should take at least 5th place

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17 To Be the Best

Awesome, but short. Should be higher.

18 History V 2 Comments
19 Car Chase City
20 The Government Totally Sucks

Amazing In The Deleted Scence Of The Movie

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