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21 Yamaha
22 Kamachi
23 Heysil

New Australian brand, plays really nice. Great customer service. Racquets are customized to the player! Love the look too

Cool that heysil is here. Got one sent out with babolat nat gut. Didn't bother much with different features but supposedly strung by mrt. Plays nice. Recommended.

24 Nike
25 PowerAngle
26 Qiangli

Qiangli was not a very famous brand, but it can be easily is easy to control..and have a balance..

27 Maspro
28 Fischer V 2 Comments
29 One Strings
30 Vector
31 Cosco
32 Tennex
33 Boss
34 Solinco
35 Diadora
36 Vector X V 1 Comment
37 Snauwaert

Making a comeback with great new rackets

38 Aldo
39 Mantis

Is a great racquet with huge power and great control, a relatively new brand so not very well
It is made by the ex owner of Dunlop and I reckon in a few years time everyone will be using mantis.

40 Tecnifibre

Technifibre rackets give lots of feel. Personally I wouldn't recommend this racket but their strings are amazing. Their new black code 4s is amazing. Very durable with power and extra spin.

I love my tecnifibre white, it is awesome

Tecnifibre tfight range is the best tennis racket range out there

V 4 Comments
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